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Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You Say Nothing at All - Tiki Lafie

MPs prefer to ask oral questions

By Churchill Edward and Saibi Gi,

The Borneo Post Press ( Thursday, 24th April 2008)

Dr Tiki finds it ‘silly’ to ask questions at parliament when he already knows answers

KUCHING: Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe said the public should not perceive it as unusual or suspicious when certain MPs did not submit written questions to parliament.

The first parliamentary sitting, since the March 8 general election, will start on April 28. All MPs were told at a briefing in the parliament complex in Kuala Lumpur on April 4 to submit their questions by April 8.

When contacted on Monday night, Dr Tiki said it was the responsibility of every MP to ask questions.

But just because he did not submit any written question for the first sitting, that did not mean he would only be a bystander during the coming parliament sitting, he said, when asked why he did not submit any question by April 8.

“Just because I have not submitted any written question does not mean I will not ask questions. I will ask oral questions,” he assured, saying he was looking forward to the parliamentary sitting.

Dr Tiki, a three-term federal deputy minister before the general election, said he found it ‘silly to ask questions which he already knew the answers’.

And it would be unfair to the ministers - who probably will be having their hands full by April 28 - if he (Dr Tiki) were to ask questions on matters or problems which he already knew could be addressed or resolved locally, he said.



Now I get to understand why Tiki Lafie was dismissed form the Parliament line-up. William Mawan may be right in his decision making because all this while Tiki has no caliber to be the aborigines’ representative in the parliament. So, the aborigines have to accept their fate under the substandard leadership of Tiki Lafie. From now on, there is no need to blame SPDP for not putting Tiki in the line of Pak Lah team.

I do criticize James Dawos capability by comparing him and Bung Mokthar and please do not misunderstand me because I am not disrespect Dawos but to tell how he works for the aborigines. In fact, we never heard any voice of him in the parliament and it showed us that this leader is incapable to be our representative. Would it be a great fear for him to speak to the rest of the MPs regarding one some important issue? Well, I believe that he has gone through many leadership and dynamic personality trainings and that should make him more capable and confident.

Why Tiki should undermine the question that he should bring up to the parliament? If he says that he already knows the answer, why there is no solution on some important issue? Say it NCR or timber and oil royalty which have never come to an end of the aborigines’ dispute. He should ask the Minsiter of Work and Minister of Finance why Sarawak has no 4 lanes highway. Or he should ask Pak Lah to give more funds to develop Sarawak basic necessity instead of “blur” corridor. Should he ask or should he prepare to get whack by Taib then? Maybe.

The aborigines’ mistake in selecting their representative can be distinguished since the fist time of the general election. At the beginning it is ok since the aborigine has less understanding about party and politic. Therefore anyone can jump into the party. Say it teachers and government servants and all those can do. As the time changes, there came an “Oxford” or University Malaya scholars and work at the government offices. After 2-3 years of service, they are selected to be the aborigines’ representative. The aborigines will vote him because he is a graduate and presume that he will able to work for them but at last they are muted and deaf. I would like to say that the aborigines are making fool of themselves by voting for such leaders. They have put aside the capable leaders because they saw RM 5.00 in the ballot paper given by BN idiots. Everyone can be the aborigines’ candidate if they have these 3 items to be given.

  1. Pork for very villages
  2. Free flow of langkau
  3. Music band

It is not hard to fish for vote in their constituency too because they have not seen the outside world where thing are change to fast. They can get RM 5.00 to by cigarette from the ballot paper and that is good enough for them.

The aborigines’ leaders also lazy to learn and to read and that is why there is no question to ask. They are busy with other things such as business and sleeping in the office like what Pak Lah always does. If you go to any school ceremony say it sport day or award day, you will heard a low class speech for the YB. They will say “Please support my party and you will never get hungry”. What the heck is that? He supposes to talk about education or sport to motivate the crowd and not to manipulate the poor students and parents. This is the real capability of our leaders when party must be promoted in the public event and for me I am sick of it. Their campaign can be done in any place at any time. Say it public toilet or coffee shop.

Our leaders also are not prepared to lead because they are lacking of confident and charisma. They are not mentally alert and lazy to read and to hear what is going on. If you ask any of them why BN lost badly on the last general election they will answer you like this “You are too young to know. Better don’t ask me such stupid question”. In fact, they are not always ready to face any changes ahead of them and the best they can do is to ignore the changes. For example, the 5 states fall to the opposition must be something rare for them and they must ready to avoid their team to leap to the opposition side. Somehow, the leaders just ignore this as long as money is concern on their side.

On the next state election the aborigines must punish these kinds of leaders (lazy, incapable, sleepy, greed, talk nonsense…etc) to accept changes. New leaders must be found for the betterment of the aborigines and enough is enough for those stooges. It will be a lost if these candidates are reinstating again on the next election. Dawos, Sagah, Manyin, Riot, Bayoi, Ranum, Jerip, Tiki and the rest. Start to decide now before the doomsday comes again to the aborigines constituencies.

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