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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A True Lie

No one sidelined: Taib
By Vijaya Menon and Zora Chan, Borneo Post Press (Tuesday, 8 April 2008)

‘State Barisan Nasional victorious because no ethnic group feels discriminated against’

KUCHING: The state Barisan Nasional (BN) emerged victorious in the just-concluded parliamentary election because, among others, no single racial group feels marginalised, said Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Sarawak’s unique multi-racial setting where no single ethnic group was sufficiently dominant had taught everyone to both work and compete with each other peacefully, he said.

“We won 30 out of 31 seats because no one feels discriminated against in the state,” he said at the state-level presentation of awards for excellence to civil servants here last night.

Taib who is state BN chairman said the New Economic Policy (NEP) would continue to be essential today and in the future as it had been in 1969.

While taking a swipe at those who twisted the facts about NEP, he said a seminar would be held soon to explain the policy to political parties and the people.

“NEP is not based on giving out handouts but aims at grooming the people’s capacity to compete fairly and use their talent to the fullest,” he said.

He however said the NEP “is not going to be permanent” because it would be like pouring water into sand which would not benefit anyone in the country in the long run. As such, he said, the people had to be prepared to be more competitive not just among Malaysians but the whole world as the country moved towards developed nation status and embraced globalisation.

“We should compete as if there’s no difference among us –Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras– and more importantly, we must learn to compete with foreigners,” he said.


People may think that this blog is an annoying thing like a crazy frog under the sunshine waiting fort the rain to come down. In my heart, I feel that I am right because Bidayuh are sidelined by the PBB too. Bidayuh made up 10% of the Sarawak population and they are sidelined by the rest of the BN coalition party. Some said that I am just too confused of what is happening to the Bidayuh politic. Well, yes, I am confused but there is one thing that I not confuse of. Marginalization of the Bidayuh under Barisan Nasional has been ignored by PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS. Taib once again say a lie to the whole world when he said that nobody are left behind. How about the Penan in the jungle then? Is there any way to stop illegal logging in the Penan area?

“We won 30 out of 31 seats because no one feels discriminated against in the state,” he said at the state-level presentation of awards for excellence to civil servants here last night.”

Let us start with the Bidayuh first. All three MPs are dismissed from any federal post and we cannot accept that. PBB has playing a pretty game by overtook those senior MPs and put Sulaiman as the deputy minister. Johari demanded for one post for the Malay due to this issue and it may be done. Who is Sulaiman? A one month candidate and get his post with no objection form fellow Dayak. The Dayak are scared of Taib for 20 years with for no reason. The fear has been sowed since the time of Rahman Yaacob where the Dayak had taken a long journey of retreat.

We won 30 seats because we are discriminated. We were exploited by money and lot of guarantees just to bait the voters. Sorry to say it again and again. DBNA has given a full support to PBB and it is true. I am ready to get blasted by the DBNA members for the second time. Who is DBNA? They are proxies to the Barisan Nasional and their objective is to support the government by any mean. Those who realize this issue should take a good rest by withdraw their membership from a proxy association. If SUPP can bait DBNA, they will get full support from DBNA too. In fact, DBNA has failed the Bidayuh in term of many thing. This “NGO” actually it is a “GO” or better called it Bidayuh Welfare Department as what Orang Asli have had in peninsular. The different is that the Department of Aborigines has benefited the orang asli and National Aborigines Association is not needed to be their third party or proxy to a political party.

Therefore, DBNA shall be converted to Jabatan Orang Bidayuh so that the Bidayuh will gain their benefit from the government as it should be. Now it’s a right time for DBNA to think about their poor and marginalized Bidayuh instead of polishing the political party shoes. DBNA has given so much to PBB and the Bidayuh have sick of it. The Malay said “Kera di hutan diberi susu tetapi anak di rumah kelaparan” and it happens to DBNA too. As far as I am concern, DBNA is not needed to stand for the Bidayuh right as it does not serve it purpose for the Bidayuh. The president has no vision for the society but much vision for his own interest and the party. Minos has proved it to the Bidayuh before and after the 13th General election.

Those who are not with DBNA are free from PBB dictatorship and exploitation. Bidayuh shall free from DBNA and look for better way to unite them. Taib has make DBNA as an asset for the party and yet the Bidayuh have lost a lot due to their ignorance. The blame of the Bidayuh marginalization must be put on DBNA shoulders because it did not serve it purpose for the Bidayuh but to be the political party proxy. Therefore, leave the camp because the captain is making friend with the enemy.

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