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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am Desperate!!

Dear local readers,

It might sound like a beggar begs for a penny on the street. But I have to be a beggar for the sake of the lost aborigines. I had setup my Paypal account and My-Donation just to get cash donation from the readers but I could not able to activate my account due to the verification code matter. It will takes me 3-4 months to get the postal mail form paypal United Sate. Not least, due to the aborigine’s plead, there were some irresponsible parties sent their spam email to me to get loan and be their agent so that they can help the aborigine and I know that they are spam and I posted it in the comment column too. I hope there will be NO SPAM PLEASE and I am serious for the goodness of the aborigines. Who else can help us? Our MPs? They rather forget the burdensome community and build their own legacy of wealth.

As I mentioned in my last posting on Donation Needed for The Lost Aborigines, I need a notebook and a digital camera so that I can do more posting and give you fresh evidences about the aborigines in Sarawak. Therefore, due to unsuccessful plead to get a donated notebook pc and digital camera, I have changed my mind to receive cash donation. Most probably I need RM 3000.00 to get a cheap Compaq notebook pc and Canon digital camera. All contributor must give their details via my email at for verification.

Kindly drop your donation to this account details:

Account Name: Public Bank
Account Number: 4465946414 (Saving Account)
Beneficiary Name: Musa Anak Ngog

Donation can be given through online banking, checque and cash to the mentioned bank account.

May your sincerity and generosity be counted in heaven realm and will be well remembered by the lost aborigines in their own country home.

Thank you and God bless you!!

With a grateful heart,

tbsbdidayuh@ Musa Anak Ngog

The author.

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