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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Only Fools Rush In

Aborigines should not in rushing to join PKR

I believe that The Aborigines still want to preserve their origin and personality in the political word. It was proven by their attempt to unite themselves trough association that they have had for 53 years. This association is called Dayak Bidayuh Nasional Association (DBNA) (which was formed on the 22nd September 1955 under the Societies Ordinance 1947. It was form by the purpose to unite the Bidayuh to archive their common goal which is to be in one in everything. Say it economy, politic, education and culture.

The urgency to preserve their personality and origin has existed much earlier than the formation of Malaysia or Perikatan Party. As though, Bidayuh love to be in unity and have willingness to preserve their cultures and origin. Recently, they have organized an education program in Penrissen area and this has been done for many years back to ensure that The Aborigines are not left behind in term of education opportunities. In fact, DBNA has been planted in every heart of the Bidayuh in every place. Last few years, DBNA Kuala Lumpur branch was opened officially and now DBNA can be found in Peninsular. Please visit for more information.

Now, let me get back to what I am supposed to write tonight. What was that? Yes, to join PKR or not to join and I get it here. Based on my observation and experience, to join PKR is not a very good idea but to join Pakatan Rakyat is the absolute brilliant idea. We will still have STAR left since PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS are useless to the Bidayuh for many years. I get used to Dr. Patau Rubis’s idea to restore STAR and strengthen the party for the sake of the Bidayuh. It is the only piece of brick that we have since the rest of the bricks have been thrown out from the building. He told me that to join PKR is to allow Bidayuh to be colonized as what PBB, SPDP, SUPP and PRS are doing on us. This party has been abandon one by one of those Bidayuh because of money politic. Yes, STAR is poor and cannot do something good for the Bidayuh but the truth is that STAR has never sell any Bidayuh dignity to Barisan Nasional. In fact, STAR was form because Bidayuh realized that they need pure and sincere leaders to speak for them. Say to say that money always speak lauder than everything in this earth.

Maybe Anuar Ibrahim is not please with this arguments but the truth is that we still prefer to be as who we are and willing to join Pakatan Rakyat as what DAP, PAS, Pasok and other opposition party have done. It is a good sign to join the coalition and deny Barisan Nasional. If PKR is not satisfied with this matter, please email me and do elaborate more to enlighten us. The darkest histories have failed us and we have lost our origin under the Barisan Nasional for 45 years. Our town has been given to Bandar Mutiara insteads of Tebedu. The 18-points memorandum has been slighted by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tunku Abdul Razak, Tun Hussien Onn, Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah. Well, enough is enough and if Pakatan Rakyat is really serious to cater this issue, it is the best time to join the coalition after the State Election.

Am I a racist and why race seems to be an issue? Well, Bidayuh are not exposed to the real world and still conservative in preserving their origin and culture. That is why we disagree with new settlement to be name Tun Abdul Razak and it is a disrespect act made by Taib Mahmud, Manyin and Dawos. It is something like asking the Muslims to eat pork which is absolutely disrespect to them. How delicious is the pork being cooked, for Muslims, it is still “Haram”. Yes, I am agree with multi-racial party and it is good to proclaim of who the Malysian are but time will change our mindset to accept and understand the real situation of multi-racial party. The multi-racial parties have denied us for years and this has been a permanent scar to the Bidayuh. We are marginalizing by PBB under the Malay-Melanau leadership, SUPP under the Chinese and SPDP under the Iban. Therefore, multi-racial parties did not work for the Bidayuh and it was proven for 45 years under Barisan Nasional. To join PKR means that we are allowing ourself to be colonized again.

UMNO, MCA. GERAKAN and MIC are race-based parties and they have failed during the last 13th General election. Why should Bidayuh be in race-based party?

Well, Bidayuh have joined so many multi-racial parties but none of them really is the answer of the Bidayuh marginalization. The truth was that we have been divided and then deserted by the Barisan Nasional. We were made as the stolen treasures where we were divided by the bandits. Taib, George Chan, Mawan and Masing have in on a round table and distributed the Bidayuh to PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS. We do not fail ourselves but our leaders are too cheap to be bought and therefore since our leaders are the son and the moon we have to sacrifice. The best is to have one party because there will be one big voice of the Bidayuh and it will be loud enough to hear. I do not know if the Bidayuh accept this idea but I have given my opinion as a non-political man. MIC was failed because Samy Vellu allow the government to destroy the Indian’s temple without any negotiation being made between MIC and the government. MIC and GERAKAN? The Chinese are very open-minded and cleaver and we cannot play jokes with them because they are very perfectionist. Chua Soi Lek was sabotage and Khairy has screwed Koh Tsu Koon up and that was the end of the Chinese trust to BN. Antoher issue is to highlight is NEP. All this while, all these three BN component parties are working as the UMNO running dog.

What if the Bidayuh current leaders refuse to join Pakatan Rakyat?

It shows us how self-centered they are and the fact is that they are self-centered and timid. We must get rid of them all!! The Pakatan Rakyat is a strong collation for the 5 states and I believe that Sabah is yet to join and it is just the matter of time. Why should Sabah aborigines support UMNO if it cannot even give back their stolen lands? The truth is that, the Sabahans do not support UMNO and Barisan Nasional but those who are under IC Project. The Bugis from Indonesia and the Philipines are given My Card and converted to Muslim in order to get their My Card ready. Next command is to vote UMNO, that it. As long as they (illegal immigrants) get their nationality, then UMNO must be appreciated. Musa Aman has screwed-up the aborigines in Sabah by sustaining his CM post which is more than 5 years which is more than a term. He made a big mistake to the Sabahans and Pak Lah is very happy with that. As for the Bidayuh leaders, they are too much controlled by Taib Mahmud and even cannot talk in the parliament. It is a fool decision to sustain these leaders since they are capable and only listen to Pak Lah instead of listening to the Bdayuh. It must be good if all Bidayuhs can have their internet line and read blogs and alternative media so that they are not manipulated and poison by the mainstream media which is not accurate.

Anuar Ibrahim is a great leader and has a very good reputation inside and outside of the country. Why not join PKR immediately?

Yes, he is a famous leader and he has gone through many things and that have burn up his spirit to be who he is now, determination and courage. I think he has a lot of money too. It is not about the issue of thrust but the aborigines have to unite themselves to share one vision and common mission for their future. We are not sure if he can deliver the promises stated in the 18-points memorandum. When he was a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Sarawakian did not get what they are supposed to get from the federal government. Say it timber and oil revenue. In fact, he failed to bring some of the “gangsters” and “bandit” to the court of law and some of them are well protected by Norian Mai and Rahim Noor. I do not know why he was jailed and did it because of he really care for the Sarawakian? Please forgive me DSAI if I am wrong.

Who will be the Bidayuh leaders under Pakatan Rakyat?

If Pakatan Rakyat is for real, than there should be no problem for the Bidayuh. There are two possibilities. One, we tame the frogs and let them jump out of Barisan Nasional. There is no need to be in SUPP, SPDP, PRS and PBB since we are not heard by the party leaders. Two, we vote out those YB’s and get new capable and charisma leaders. Just as simple as that. Money politic? Yes, it is the only weakness of the Bidayuh. They even willing to accept RM 0.50 in the ballot paper as long as it is money. The Bidayuh’s mindset must be clean from the money politics. The opposition must give them a solid reason why the Bidayuh should vote for opposition since the future as more expensive than RM 0.50’s vote. But, it is up to Bidayuh to decide on what they are going to be.

Conclusion, The Bidayuh has been deserted and marginalized by the multi-racial parties and time is needed to change their mindset. Though there was a race-based party, PBDS the leaders was too stupid to think what is the best for their community and Pak Lah and Taib must be blame to allow PBDS to be de-registered. Hence, the Bidayuh must reconstruct their unity and look for better prospects to improve themselves.

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