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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unaccepted Ideology of The Aborigines

Change is Not Bad

Neither is new wine put in old wineskins; for if it is, the skins burst and are torn in pieces, and the wine is spilled and the skins are ruined. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved. –Book of Matthew 9:17

The wisdom of old age is the fruit of a lifetime of living a moral life and practicing the discipline of a religious path. However, the effort which it takes to realize the fullness of spiritual wisdom should be undertaken from one's youth. Strength and adaptability are required, and once old age has drawn nigh, it becomes too difficult to practice and too late to change. Old age is a time to manifest either the wisdom gained as the fruits of that effort or the decrepitude of a wasted life.

We used to celebrate New Year in a small church in Sabah by using new wine as our theme for the New Year Sunday Service. It reminds me on the 2006 new Year Sunday Service when the preacher preach about the new wine and it wineskin. There is no way to put a new wine into an old wineskin because it will burst and ruin the wineskin itself. The same goes to the aborigines when the old mentality of the people trying to cope with the new generation of understanding and knowledge.

I believe that the old ideology of the aborigines is no more relevant to the current situation and trend of the social life of the aborigines. We used to talk about being a minority is the best because we do not have to compete with other people. Being a minority means that we are humble and making the world to be peaceful and secure. Manyin once told the aborigines to toil to the hardest level and ignore their granted rights as the children of the soil. The aborigines should continue to be the most hardworking construction worker to please there taukey (boss). Students must study hard and get their SPM certificate to work at a coffee shop. There is no need to pursue their study because loans and scholarship belong to the other aborigine’s tribes. This is the old ideology of Manyin which he must change and think wider of what he can do for the people of Tebedu.

“I think the Bidayuh community has no choice. The Bidayuhs as a minority group has no choice but to be with the government,” said Manyin, who is Environment and Public Health Minister.

“We have to show to the government that the Bidayuhs are united, we will be all out to deliver the three seats,” he added – Borneo Post Press.

This is the old wineskin perception of Micheal Manyin to persuade the old wines (elders) and new wine (youngster) to mix together in an old wineskin (his idea). He persuaded his colony to continue to support SUPP and PBB while gave no comment on the issue of SPDP in Mas Gading. It has been proven that the aborigines have been segregated by those Barisan Nasional underdogs. This is the greatest idea of Pak Lah to strengthen his legacy in Bumi Kenyalang by divided all the aborigines into the smallest party under Barisan Nasional. If I proposed for the new party under Barisan Nasional tomorrow, he will approve it immediately without any inquiry as long as it is something to do with Barisan Nasional.

When PRS almost de-registered, James Masing was suddenly being called to save the wreck of the Chinese and the aborigines. In fact, Pak Lah was very happy because the tiny group will save his legacy but this tiny clan have never realizes their ignorance and foolishness.

James Masing said he was disappointed that a small group in the Dayak community had allowed themselves to be led by “others”. Ha ha aha... is it not James Masing who cohort with Datuk Sng to break-up PBDS? Is it not James Masing who lead a small disgruntled group of dayaks supporters in the PBDS then to rebel against the Dayak leadership in the PBDS that lead to a PBDS deregistration? Now out of desperation he accused other Dayak being allowed themselves to be led by “others”. You see James Jemut, You reap what you sowed. You deserved what you're into. - The Truth Revealed

What is the different between asking the “others” to lead the aborigines and asking the aborigines to lead themselves? It is the same thing indeed because Taib is leading the aborigines in to the worst ravine of destruction and Mawan and Masing are beheading their fellow followers head. When will we see the aborigine’s legacy under the true and pure leading patriots?

Perhaps PKR will supply us the new wineskin for us to put our new wine. New wine of healthy ideology and knowledge toward a success and admirable community must be put into the new leaders. We have put our new wine into the old wineskin and it burst and we lost the new wine for many times. We have lost our new wine during the 13th General Election when Dawos, Tiki and Riot were put into the rusty barrel of Pak Lah to be the worst wine of the Barisan Nsional wine house. As a result, they deserved to be in the rusty barrel because they are not that patriotic to the aborigines.

Politics have nothing to do with the community hall project for every village. It is not related to pork distribution to every village by Roland Sagah too. When politic ideology plays in the mind of the aborigines, they will only understand a typical issue. If they support BN they will get RM 5.00 for a ballot paper. Before the election they will have free flow of Langkau from the MP for whole night long. After the election, perhaps there will be 4-lanes highway going to build behind their houses. This is the foolishness of the aborigines which has poisoned their mind for centuries.

The aborigines could not understand the real meaning of politic because they are taught to be hard core supporters and not the right fighter. Both leader and follower are taught to loyal to every orders made by Pak Lah without any inquiry. They refuse to learn from Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak because these 4 states are more unintelligent then Sarawak and Sabah. Well, there are not dim because they knew their right and purpose as the citizen of Malaysia and the aborigines must never get it wrong. Maybe the aborigines are still under learning process to understand what is good and bad for them but one thing they should understand. The old mentality and ideology must be wiped away and learn to accept changes for a brighter future and prospect in politic, economy, development and education.

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