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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When The Rooster Crows III

The Uncivilised Aborigines.

This may be a “no hold barred” edition for the aborigines and I am ready to get blasted by the aborigines themselves. It’s been a long time since I wanted to post this topic just that I have not found the appropriate time. Aborigines are easily offended and sensitive when they are called uncivilized, and some may say that tbsbidayuh is stupid and has no brain for criticizing the aborigines. Well, that is good enough because you have your normal sense and feeling towards what you are going to read soon.

I am quite bored with the topic on political frogs of the aborigines’ community. Nevertheless, it can become interesting when the story of the frogs is combined with the BN’s python who always wanted to consume the frogs who intended to leap and jump. The aborigines’ civilization has no big difference from the headhunter age. Even though they came from the same jungle, they still wanted to cut off each other’s head. There was never on the aborigines’ history telling that their heroes cut off the heads of Tasaday’s or our neighbour, Kadazan and Dusun. Aborigines still prefer to cut off the heads of their neighbors and vice versa.

Aborigines are lazy to learn and that is the fact and that is the main cause of their marginalization. They divided each village to one component party and supported that party until their heads are chopped off. When they lost their heads, then they realize that they are unable to see the way.

The song “Wind of Change” reminded me of the Berlin Wall which had separated two German families between West and East German for 28 years. East German was separated by the West German by a block of concrete walls built by the Soviet Union . It is also known as iron curtain because whoever wanted to cross over the wall to see their family members will be shot to dead by the Soviet Army. When communist block was destroyed in Europe, East German was freed from Soviet power and they joined West German to form a nation, Germany. On 13th June 1990, the iron curtain was demolished and it marked the end of Soviet Union era in Germany. On 3rd October 1990, German had become a sovereign country. At least 200 people were believed had been killed in their attempt to cross over Berlin Wall while 5,000 managed to escape from East German. It is so sad when two side-by-side flats had to close their windows with block stone and that two families were separated. From this history, it had sketch a black dot to the German community especially, sociologically. Families had to be separated because of unwise leaders and the egoism of the soviet and the allied to unite German.

The second example would be Vietnam and VietCong, which had become an interesting American movie starred by Sylvester Stallone (First Blood II) on the early 90’s. War happened because the Democratic Republic of Vietnam could not have an agreement with the Democratic of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh had declared North Vietnam’s independence on 12th September 1945 and practiced communism. Because of the Communism practices and their violence against Catholics in North Vietnam, 800,000 North Vietnam civilian moved to South Vietnam. Soon, war started between American soldiers on behalf of South Vietnam and Vietcong Army was helped by the Soviet Union and China. 1.1 million deaths and 600,00 injuries were recorded during the war until it ended on 30th April 1975. The fall of Saigon ended the war in Vietnam which had brought disastrous effects to that country for 16 years. Finally, Vietnam had become a nation with one ruling system, which is Communism.

In the aborigines’ community, they had built their own “Berlin Wall” and divided themselves just like the Vietnam war tragedy. The difference between Vietnam and German is that one country had wall while the other none. Aborigines today are still divided by the political walls which separated them to Chinese, Iban, and Malay. When there is conflict, the aborigines had to leave their own friends in one block to join the other block. The saddest part is this “Berlin Wall” was built by their leaders for the sake of themselves and they let their brothers being divided by political party and different ideologies. It had become an enemy to the aborigines when one political ideology tried to be absorbed into a group of people who supported another political party. For example, Bidayuh fellow in Mambong cannot talk about SUPP with their fellows in Tarat because these two constituencies had different political ideology. What more to talk about the opposition, surely they would be crushed.

This is the beauty of the aborigines’ civilization for 45 years under BN. They were taught to build walls and planted political parties in the constituency and let their people to choose it themselves. It is like throwing seeds on the soil and let the chickens feed themselves no matter what seeds are thrown, be it corn, rice, green peas, or bean. The chickens will choose what they think is delicious. With this way, the aborigines will continue to be fooled and manipulated by other communities.

Is it ok to talk about aborigines’ unity under one political party? I think Pehin Seri will throw me to Kamunting for stealing his chickens. This had never been issued because this is the most stupid idea and would not be heard by the activists or leaders. As I always say, if there is one aborigine, there will be one party and if there are plenty of aborigines, there are plenty of parties. I do not understand why the aborigines cannot talk about the political unity. Maybe this is the Adolf Hitler’s ideology which he wrote in his book “Mein Kampf” that was banned by the community without knowing the contents. That is why the aborigines prefer to be in the sub-parties to ensure every representative got hold of the wealth from the people who support them. Adolf Hitler’s book was rejected without knowing the reasons and causes behind his cruelty to the Jews, because he was evil. The same goes with the aborigines; they will reject changes in ideology without looking into the benefits for them in the future. I’m not saying that Adolf Hitler is good and friendly but his struggles showed his love towards the German community.

The aborigines’ civilization was influenced by other community and that had made them undeveloped. Tiki Lafe is half Bidayuh-Iban, Riot half Bidayuh-Chinese and Dawos half Bidayuh-Malay. To me, they may want to nurture multi-racial spirit and join multi-racial parties. But they did not realize that the aborigines were sidelined. Pehin Seri had put the aborigines to the lowest place in PBB even though Michael Manyin is the vice president of PBB. George Chan had made Riot as SUPP’s dog and only be fed when he barked. Tiki Lafe had to wait for the young durian to fall from SPDP tree and it’s just a useless thing to do. This is the aborigines’ affluence that was formed from their own stupidity and arrogance. Because of this they cannot unite as one excellent community.

My friend once said that the idea to unite the aborigines in one political party is a stupid idea. He stated that SNAP and PBDS had failed to unite this community. It is true, and what he said had been proven. However, this failure is not because of the community but due to the foolishness and pride of their leaders. For example, they were once united under SNAP and SUPP. After Rahman Yakub chopped off Stephen Kalong Ningkan’s head, he smoked Stephen’s head by asking the aborigines to join PBB mobs. By then, the Melanau and Malay had enjoyed what they wanted by manipulating the bumiputera0-status’ aborigines. As an appreciation, the aborigines was given four villages to be drowned and called it Tun Abdul Razak. They sell their ancestors’ lands for RM 0.20 per acre. This is the most foolish idea I had seen in a community.

Leaders also stated that aborigines cannot stay under one party because they are very weak and their voices cannot be heard since they are the minority. But, do we have any voice all this time? Bung Mokhtar who is just an SPM holder can defeat Dawos in every debate in the parliament. Where are the Oxford and Cambridge scholars that we voted for? Actually, the leaders fear that if the aborigines unite under one party, they will become poor and bankrupt. That is why some of the STAR’s members left their shit to Patau Rubis in the party’s toilet because SUPP bought this shit with RM 2 million per kilo. However, the shit is not so good because SUPP had other profitable shits. This includes timber and mobsters gang in Sibu that move under the protection of IGP. That was why Pak Lau was not brought down by the Ops Cantas Kenyalang. This is the party loved by the aborigines because the mob culture had been practiced to their own family and relatives.

Finally, will this struggle continue to entangle the aborigines after the 12th GE?

Are we loved to be scattered by the PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS? Can’t we said that enough is enough and wait for miracle to happen to us? Well, its you to decide for your future because celcom says, “The Power is in your hand”. Should the aborigines build a new civilization? Let the Atlantis be drowned because Rome will rise and become a great and spectacular civilization.

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