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Monday, April 14, 2008

Malaysia Flawless Democracy

Najib: Umno must act against alleged polls saboteurs accordingly


KUALA LUMPUR: Action against saboteurs of Umno general election candidates must be based on evidence and not hearsay, said Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Stressing a point: Najib addressing staff members of the Prime Minister’s Department during their monthly gathering in Putrajaya yesterday.

He said several members allegedly involved in acts of sabotage in 14 parliamentary and 22 state seats in Perak and Kedah in the March 8 general election had been identified.

“We cannot take action hastily but we cannot simply close our eyes to acts of sabotage.

“We will act based on clear evidence and not hearsay or unfounded allegations,” he told reporters after opening the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration 30th anniversary conference yesterday.

Najib urged those with evidence to make written reports to the Umno secretary general.

Party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said that the acts of sabotage by Umno members caused Barisan Nasional to lose the two states.

Najib said members had been involved in acts of sabotage in previous general elections and action, including expulsion, were meted out to members who contested as independents or under another banner.

Asked whether the alleged saboteurs would be allowed to participate in delegates meetings, he said: “It is determined by the punishment meted out following evidence, investigation and decision by the disciplinary committee.”



The “frog” low was established to prevent any Barisan Nasional members to hop to the opposition party’s side. The Barisan Nasional FBI Chief in command, Tengku Adnan was appointed to condemn any frog that is trying to the other clean pond. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has put the “frog law” as a crusial matter to save Barisan Nasional’s pond from being abandon by a lot of sick and hungry frogs.

During the first Bersih Rally in Kuala Lumpur on 10th November 2007, Zainuddin Maidin has been called by the Al-Jazeera new regarding on the rally and why government called it as illegal. He replied to the lady saying that Malaysia knows democracy even better than Britain. Yes, it is true to say that Malaysia understand democracy even better than the whole world. It is true to say that Plato was born in Malaysia and taught Parameswara about the basic democracy under the Melaka three. Then, the readers can laugh out laud at me rather than to Zaiduddin.

Malaysia adopted democracy when Tengku Abdul Rahman agreed to run the country according to the British requirement. It is important to do so because Malaya has multi-racial community which is inhabited by the Malay, Chinese and India and please do not forget the Orang Asli (aborigine) too. Therefore, independent was given by the British as Tunku has assured them to adopt democracy as the politic practice in Malaya. Somehow, there are several issues that must be withholding by Tunku from the non-Malay like quota, supremacy and special right of the Malay. There were no rejections by the others as the Chinese and Indian have known their origin.

The democracy in politic was practiced smoothly by the Barisan Nasional for centuries until it downfall on the 13th Mac 2008. What were going on and where are the deficiencies? Barisan Nasional has failed to convince the people on their policies and propaganda. The NEP has been practiced for many years which it not fair to the other Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak. Hence, Sabah and Sarawak had put their full mandate to the Barisan Nasional to rule over Malaysia and hope that NEP is considered for them all too. Sadly, the aborigines and Sabah and Sarawak faithfully keep on waiting if there is a time when the government put them in the NEP agenda. This was proven by many comments given by the Sarawak BN leaders to hold the NEP. To me, it is a joke to let the Malay to continue to rape our handworks and gave us a scumbag to clean.

There were attempt made by Richard Riot to leave SUPP after he was not given any post in parliament. It is true but the media has lied to the nation telling that he has no intention to leave the party. Then, as the absolute democracy is well concern to Badawi, Riot was called and forced to give his stand though he was not feeling good to say it out. Then the story closed and Riot is enjoying his jobless stay in Pichin under SUPP payroll. Then, the Barisan Nasional amended democracy freedom to a frog law just to ensure that democracy is respected by and bonded members. As a result, Dayak will continue to be marginalized by the Barisan Nasional by keeping away the three frogs under the water lily leave beneath the pond. Shall Bidayuh bow to the Malaysian flawless democracy? Don’t you agree that democracy is predestined for the people to select their representative freely?

Now the story goes to Pig issue in Selangor just to win back the heart of the bleeding Malays under the UMNO deadly trap. The Malays in Selangor are no more conservative in their mentality regarding on the pig matter. As long as they are not force to consume pork, there is not a bog deal to them. Democracy has nothing to do with pig and pork and the Barisan Nasional has to change their propaganda to win over the Malay. The opposition party has won the heart of the people in Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan with their solid promises to the people. The promise is to build a nation baseless on race and indigenous dominant. In fact, there were no pig and pork matter during the campaign.

The Prince Faris has told the Malaysian that the non-Malay has no right to question the special right of the Malay. I think that he should not carelessly say that kind of word as the other Bumiputera shold be respected too. The non-Malay bumi has never asked the king to appoint them to be the next king of Kelantan, Terengganu, Johore and so forth. Hence, we abide to every rule written in the Federal Constitution on our position as the non-Malay Bumiputera. Shall there any equality for the Sabah and Sarawak bumiputera in government business and staffing? Is there any guarantee for the Sabah and Sarawak to extend their support to a lamed Barisan Nasional?

As far as I know, democracy talks about freedom, equality and obedience to the ruler. Yes, there is rule of law to ensure that democracy is well practiced and I agree with that. In fact, British have never restricted its citizen to vote only Blair and so to the Australian. Those who are not able to lead must step down for the sake of the country. Shinzo Abe has proven to the whole world that he cannot deliver and preserved his post and the best he can do was to leave the office.

When democracy is manipulated with corruption then there is meaningless for a country to practiced democracy in any way or any mean. The best approach that an affected country can do is to adopt monarchy as there will be no objection on any decision making. Saddam and Castro have the right idea on this matter. Malaysia has taken advantages from the democracy practices and converts it into corruption. It was used to bond any other member of government to continue to rule the country by covering the corrupted ministers with the present law and order. The guilty was found not guilty when the law is bought and manipulated by the powerful person. The freedom of press has been eradicated in the way to exploit the people to believe in the government propaganda. There must be no other news delivered rather than the ultimate RTM, Media Prima and other government printed media. So, the freedom of speech has been condemn and restricted to avoid any inquiries on the corrupted government.

The flawless democracy shall be rejected and the actual democracy must be restored. It must first begin with the step down o the Prime Minister and equality to the non-Malay Bumiputera. The non-bumi must be included in every economic plan in order to sustain a Peace, Security and Prosperity country as per Badawi promised to the nation.

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