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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Walk To Remember

It Was Good to Be In the Camp

Persatuan Dayak W.P. Labuan is now under new management after it was dissolved last two weeks. I was out of the committee team and my ministry as Assistant Secretary was ended. It is time to go back home after a long stay in Labuan. Mr. President (thereafter, former president) also dropped down from his post due to his retirement from Jabatan Akauntan Negara (AG). He was the pioneer of the association after transferred from Lawas where he formed DBNA Limbang Branch in there. This nice elder cames from Kampung Simpok and I admired his initiative to cater the Dayak needs in Labuan. He registered this Persatuan together with his pioneering team last few years back.

Last Saturday was my last meeting and I will be an ordinary member “remotely”. As usual, we are told to submit our jobs and files to the new appointed committee. I submitted one whole box documents and soft copy filed to the new secretary. The new line-up will continue the saga in Labuan. The association who helps the Dayak in the foreign land indeed has benefited a lot of Dayak. My last proposal was our fun-rising day where we managed to collect a big sum of money to the association. With the money, we help the registered members who are admitted into hospital, family problem (death and birth), education incentive and to buy the association’s assets.

I was my joy to be in the line-up for the last 2006-2008 term where I can feel the ups and down of the association. As an assistant to our sectary, I take my responsibility as a joy for the Dayak in Labuan. In fact, I will always be the one who prepare meeting minute, report, advertisement and so fort due to our Secretary busyness. There is time where miscommunication tends to be a hindrance for us to work together in a team. As a junior in the club, I am always being the office boy to make the association alive. It is a responsibility in the secretarial team and I cannot deny it too.

The Dayak in Labuan have their association to unite them in one common ideology and belief. As a foreigner in Labuan, every single are united together to build a united Dayak and to be a family of the Dayak. Nevertheless, there are some group of Dayak who are not in the clan due too their own option to not to join the club. These groups of people are those who are not aware of the Dayak needs and wish to be out of the same camp. The Oil and Gas workers are those who are less in the club because they are always off-shore and not permanently working in Labuan sites.
Peratuan Dayak Labuan has teaching me how to work with the Iban and Bidayuh. Though there are differences among us, we made it as an ingredient for a perfect recipe. We make our self as a piece of brick to form a strong wall. In the association, people are free to give idea and opinion on how to project the Dayak need in Labuan. The constitution is there as the guidance for the members in the association. Every issue is discussed thoroughly so that there should be no misunderstanding among the Dayak especially the issue of welfare and membership.

It is a farewell for now and I hope Persatuan Dayak will strive to excel. It is a long journey to go for me and therefore, I have to leave for better prospect. When the bad mixed with the good, there will be a neutral mixture and that is my principal. To forgive and forget those who offended and made fun of us since to long run. All the best for the association and keep on the good work for the Dayak in Labuan.

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” Mahatma Gandhi

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