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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Will Time Change Us?

The Dayak Has Failed Themselves.

De-registration of SNAP was the beginning of the Dayak separation after the Ming Court Affair. Then Dayak was divided into PBDS and PBB just to hope that the Dayak will be taken care by the Iban and the Malay. Due to unnecessary dispute among the Dayak in PBDS, then the Dayak once again separated themselves into SPDP and PRS. Some have joined PBB and SUPP. There is no need to mention their names because they (the leaders) are very sensitive and will sack anyone who is disturb their sounding sleep into jail.

The Dayak is now can be found anywhere in any party. Name it SNAP, SUPP, PBB, PRS or other parties. If GOLKAR wish to expand it wings to west Borneo, then the Dayak can be found there to. The “crab mentality” which is referring to the leaders has destroyed the Dayak legacy under The Late Stephen Kalong Ningkan. Whenever the Dayak have the opportunity to lead their tribe, they must not be under one party. If they can form million of parties, they will do that because they believe in minority representative which they think it will be their strength and honor. If I believe in a black rooster, I will stick with the rooster and ignore other greater roosters. Though there must be one rooster, the Dayak need to find another rooster to represent them in the Parliament.

There is no formula to put the Dayak under one political party as what UMNO, MCA and MIC have done for their tribe. Is time the best formula to stick the the Dayak together? De-registration of SNAP and PBDS as the BN coalition are the evident of the Dayak ignorance and arrogant. Now, they have to shelter under PBB and SUPP in order to bring themselves up rather than to fight for the Dayak root agenda. The Dayak arrogant has crept slowly deep into the Dayak ground and separated them from what they are suppose to be.

There is no Dayak based party which is fighting for the Dayak purpose. Today’s dispute in PRS between Larry and Masing has shown us that multi-racial party in Sarawak is not relevant to the Dayak. In fact, the Dayak has been separated by constituencies so that some party will gain form the Dayak for free. Barisan Nasional has separated the Bidayuh to SUPP and PBB so that those party will gain what they wanted and let the Bidayuh live in struggle. Tarat and Bengoh are the example of the Barisan Nasional cruel act of game to the Bidayuh. What is SUPP suppose to do in Padawan, Serian and Opar if they cannot develop those constituencies? Why does the Barisan Nasional has to allocate those constituencies for SUPP and yet the Bidayuh is left behind under SUPP?

The answer is the Dayak leaders are comfortable with the current situation and never realize that their people are in a great struggle and marginalization. The purpose of Barisan Nasional for Dayak is to separate them into minority party such as PRS and SPDP. Some are thrown into SUPP and PBB so that the Dayak will never be in one party. This is the Melanau and Malay fear since the Tun Jugah era and therefore the Ming Court Affair has existed under the Rahman Yaacob order. The fear of the Chinese then being heard by the Barisan Nasional and therefore SUPP and PBB are existed for the Dayak. As a result, the Dayak are scattered all over by the great plan of Barisan Nasional.

In Sabah, Barisan Nasional has given “easy” nationality to the Philippines and Indonesia illegal immigrants in order to get more support for UMNO. Jeffery Kitingan was then sacked into ISA when he asked about the Identity Card of the illegal immigrant under the Barisan Nasional “Free MyCard Scheme”. The IMM13 holders can get their permanent resident status and they are served better the Sabah aborigines. The appointment of Bernard Dompok as the Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is the best way to continue the “Free Scheme” by the UMNO. In fact Nazri Aziz himself stated that the illegal immigrant issue in Sabah is not UMNO’s fault. But, the truth is that the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut who were the majority are now became the minority due to free MyCard in Sabah under the UMNO plan.

Maybe it is pay for Sukarno and Diosdado Macapagal claim over Sabah over the failure of MAPHILINDO declaration. Therefore, Sabah has to bear illegal immigrant problem and Barisan Nasional just keep their mouth shut.

Barisan Nasional is no more relevant to the Dayak due its failure to unite the Dayak under one political party. The indigenous party is a great fear to the Melanau and Malay as this will the treat for them to rule over the Sarawak. The price that was demanded by the UMNO has separated the aborigines into many pieces of parties. Masing has never realized that Barisan Nasional has made fool of the Dayak by maintaining the PRS. It is another disastrous moment for the Dayak to maintain their position under Barisan Nasional. This might be a great victory for Masing but to the Dayak, it is a fool game play by the ROS and Barisan Nasional. The Dayak made up 40% of the Sarawak community and yet they are naïve of what they wanted and needed.

The time has told us of who we are under Barisan Nasional. The Aborigines has gained nothing over the 45 years under the Barisan Nasional. They feel easy to give freely to Barisan Nasional to rape their right and dignity and the leaders are agreed blindly. Time will never change our mind. Though it changes our physical appearances but our mindset and thought will never change unless we decide to change. Time had proven us that Barisan Nasional has separated the Dayak. It is because of the Dayak arrogant and selfishness made them unchanged from what they are today. If the Dayak learn from their history, they will be more matured and cautious of their community needs and future.

If 45 years ain't enough for the Dayak, it is time to think again because what is enough must be enough from now on.

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