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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A New Mentality of the Aborigines

I asked my father on the last election issue and I asked who he voted for. “Of course Barisan Nasional. What else should we do without Barisan in our area?” he answered me. I asked my mom the same question too. “It is useless if we vote for opposition. What opposition can do to us? They have no money to develop us”. We talk a lot about the last election story and which village was affected by the apposition. Kampung Simpok had a very strong apposition spirit until Dawos withdrew the entire budget from the kampung. That was according to my mom and I have not met anyone from Simpok to ask the truth but I believe due to slow development along the Padawan road.

As the conversation goes on, I slowly stepped into my bedroom and show my “The Broken Shield” book to my dad. “It was signed by Joseph Tawie (author) himself” I told my dad. He asked me this “What is the story all about?” As I am now in chapter 5, I told him that the Dayak has done a very silly mistake and Joseph Tawie is telling us a good story tale about the Dayak puzzle under Barisan Nasional. He seems to be interested and did read a few chapters and last night, he asked me to pass the book to him once I have finished reading.

Deep inside my heart, I believe that my dad will know the mistakes that have been made by the Dayak once he has finished reading soon. He started to filter what is told by the RTM news and media prima news. I told my dad and mom that Bersih Assembly was held to reform the election process to be more transparent and fair and not because there are many gangsters on the street as what Pemuda UMNO has reared (mat rempit). I told that the people have to open the road at Kota Cheras area because they are burdened by toll and not because they are gangster as per claimed by TV3 news. Nobody hates Badawi but the rakyat deserve a good leaders and team members. I told my family members on the dinner table that there is nothing wrong if Pakatan Rakyat rules, in fact, the five state are trying their very best to recover the state government previous debt. Lim Guan Eng is working very hard to make Penang on a solid ground and so Selangor.

Yes, there are several issues that need to be well measured especially the promises of the opposition party to help the young couple, students, the poor and needy. Somehow, it cannot be done in one or two month because the new state government is facing a terrible debt. Hence, there are several groups of people being paid by UMNO to make an accusation to the new government due to their failure to deliver their promises to the people.

Let us talk about logic and real issue about the new governments in those five states. Khir Toyo had given the ‘broom award’ to the local authorities due to their failure to collect taxes and therefore, Selangor is struggling with debt. Lim Guan Eng claimed that Penang is facing a terrible debt that has been made by the previous government under Koh Tsu Koon. This has indicated that the previous governments has practiced corruption and fail in running the state. Now, those states are looking their very best approaches to recover from debt. That is the story that I have explained to them at the dinner table.

“What those thing have to be done with the Dayak? We are well taken care by Barisan Nasional” asked my dad. I smiled at him and tell this. “It is Barisan Nasional that needs us and we are forced to help Barisan Nasional. Without the Dayaks, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, etc BN will be buried under the deep sea. You can see what the UMNO is doing with the Sabahan. IMM13 is always available for the “UMNO refugees” at anytime and any place as long as it is concern with UMNO.”

The Dayak even special, they are squatters at their very own ancestor land. Taib has declared all those NCR lands as state properties where logging and plantation should be done by rumpling down those houses and scattered the villages to a new rehab. “They should Rejoi and bear all The Pain while the Semban has no place to Sait (sit)” is such a good quote actually. “They should rejoice and bear all the pain while semban has no place to sit”.

Barisan Nasional’s promises of development are the intimidation to the Dayak. Therefore, the physical development is the only propaganda that always being used to terrify the Dayak. Therefore, voting for Barisan Nasional is the best way to receive the “development” from the government. Somehow, the Dayak has not realized that they are landless and being manipulated and intimidated by those corrupted politicians and soon they will be helpless and regret. But, I started my campaign in my own house because trust and confident must be planted within the household before we talk rubbish to the crowd.
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