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Friday, May 2, 2008

When The Rooster Crows - IV

To Join or Not to Join??

It seems to me that Bidayuh politic is living under dilemma and doubt. We have been waiting for the greatest time of turning point in Bidayuh politic. And now it is a crucial time for the Bidayuh to choose and decide on which opposition party they should be in. Allow me to give my point of view on these comments that I have extracted from Britong;

"I still don see why we should jump in the big boat of PKR? we could maintain our best opposition and fly our colors while sailing alongside PKR if u want to but I don believe or see why we should carry their flag on our back, it look like we are slave to them and that is exactly what's going to happen. Remember the Cobold? Otherwise what's the different if we jump in and carry umno's flag?! They are already in power and stronger? Don’t get colonized and become refugees in your own turf!" - Cdr. Robot

quite difficult for me to comprehend what exactly you wanted us to do here cdr robot.1 sure way would be for us to ask for referendum...a referendum for us to get out of umno Malaya controlled Malaysia in another word we demand for independence..or fight for it?” – Postreader


“i see it this way:-

learn from the past,
live in the presnt,
prepare for the future.

small circle but big talk?
sums of the parts makes the whole, therefore,we can not afford to choose our favorite parts . it must be whole.

the film 'The patriot:'
Mel Gibson murmured:' Aim small, miss small'.

To change or not to change?
Changes is the law of universe: everything undergo the process; and so does Bidayuh and their politic.
2 school of change: the emotional, anger and revenge driven. this is foolish/detrimental and self-defeating.
The other is; learn from the past - be calculative and steadfast. Live in the present- follow the trend and fight for whatever space, priviledges, respect, pride,status etc..etec.. Contained within that period.
Prepare for the future - calculate, fore plans, paradidm shift, three steps ahead, be weary and suspicious of the other. Not to be too trusting and accomodating. no blind respects for the other.'' the others are my 'enemies' state of mind.

So, changes be it if we are ready and know what we are doing, but be cautioned, if we still allow our hearts and not the head for the reason to change.” –


I believe that the Bidayuh are now looking for political change in their community as what they have learned of the last General Election. What changes do we need? Get out from Barisan Nasional and join Pakatan Rakyat? Anwar Ibrahim admitted that he will be the next Prime Minister and he said that it will be soon. Meanwhile, UMNO is looking for their last resort to save the leaking ship. Mahathir and Ku Li are in the show to bring Pak Lah down while the rest are supporting him to be the sleepy Prime Minister.

Now shall we start with our own root problem in politic? As far as I know, Bidayuh have never gained any political victory under Barisan Nasional. We were made to be in the frontline of the battle and always be the one who died first. Then, when the war is over, the officer will proclaim their victory. SNAP was great because of Stephen Yong and Kalong Ningkan and not because of the Dayak. PBB is well maintained because White Hair has plenty of money to make it maintained and not because the Bidayuh have given their full support. We were fooled by PBDS and we have jump to STAR and SUPP.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat is now being eyed by the Malaysian and overseas. The credibility of Anwar Ibrahim as now shining so bright plus, his wife, Azizah will hand-over her post to him soon. The wind of change is now blowing so hard and ready to sweep-over the corrupted parties and politicians. As a consequence of his victory over the 5 states, the Bidayuh also can feel the heat of Anwar manifesto to from Pakatan Rakyat soon. Majen has used PKR ticket to challenge Dawos during the last General election and why not STAR or SNAP. That is my very first question.

The Bidayuh opposition parties has been lamed by the Barisan Nasional for years and it was sad to see one by one of the Bidayuh leaders leaving STAR and SNAP to join SUPP and PBB. Is it because Bidayuh’s fate must be wrestled with the help of PBB and SUPP or STAR and SNAP? That is my second question. I also believe that there must be something wrong with STAR which has made Jerrip and Riot to abandon ship. Correct me if I am wrong. STAR was a great party under Patau Rubis but it is now very sick and abandoned by the Bidayuh. What is going on in there? No unity or no any intention to fight for the Bidayuh’s sake?

Some said that PKR is a threat to the Bidayuh as history has proven us that the Malaya people have failed us through UMNO-BN. What is the different if Anwar brings us to join PKR? Some said that this is a sign of “the second colonize” by the Malaya and it will fail us too? Though Anwar has promised 20% oil revenue to Sabah, it is still not a guarantee since there is no freedom of press and religion. This is the greatest fear of the Bidayuh if they decide to join PKR. Not least, some did say that Bidayuh may repair SNAP and STAR and join Pakatan Rakyat as what Pasok has done. Could it be possible since Patau is detestation among the Bidayuh. Shall we form another opposition party and join Pakatan Rakyat to form a new government?

I hope that Anwar Ibrahim is not making his day dream to form a new government. In fact, DAP and PAS are working very well with Parti Keadilan to form a new federal government. The Bidayuh must be very careful before they decide their leaders. One week before the General Election, I was convinced that opposition will win at least 3 states which are Kelantan, Perak and Selangor as I always read Lim Kit Siang’s blog and Malaysia Today. I felt that there is something going to happen as I saw the oppositions are working very hard till the last campaign. This has shown me that Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim are not dreaming because oppositions have won 5 states! I was hoping that Sabah will fall to the opposition as they are very struggle with illegal immigrant which the federal government has ignored for many years.

Since we have seen the political tsunami in Malaya, we have to decide now before the state election is coming. If PKR is the best choice, we must ready to give ourselves an answer if there is any doubts arise within the community. Shall we repair SNAP and STAR? I think we should make ourselves ready to forgive and forget and that is the only way to revive our origin. But, since ego is the head of everything, there might be less co-operation and support to. Therefore, the leaders must be ready to face the next personal attack made by the frustrated members. STAR and SNAP must learn from mistake and never try to escape from it. Yes, we have lost a lot and we have seen many crazy frogs around. But, I believe that they are looking a solution for the Bidayuh political struggle and marginalization and I hope so or else I am just talk nonsense.

If we prefer to preserve our dignity and right, we must save STAR and SNAP. If we should deny the beauty of our dignity and culture, we may choose PKR as long as the Bidayuhs are not marginalized and abandon. But who will agree with this since we are very conservative when it come to the issue of cultural and origin? Therefore, I rest this issue to all the Bidayuh to think once again for their better future and prospects in politic. We have been divided Taib Mahmud and his cronies to be in every sub parties so that were can be ignored. Make it enough from now.

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