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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When The Rooster Crows V - Dilemma?

Dear YB's Cronies,

The Bidayuh politicians are in dilemma said a reader in this blog. Please browse more to look for the topic dilemma. Yes dilemma to be in Barisan Nasional whereas the rakyat is suffering and marginalized. This YB’s office boy is backing his Mr. YB and ask me to kiss the royal feet of the YB. No way brother. I am not a feet kisser nor an ass kisser. What dilemma actually?

I blamed Pak Lah because UMNO is dominating every race and gives no chance to other to get government contracts. Idris Jusoh was used to rebel against Sultan Terengganu in order to be a Menteri Besar aka black gold trader to Khairy and Patrick Badawi. I blamed Taib because he has not doing his job to develop the aborigines but to steal every resource that we had. I blamed MPs because they are timid and could speak for the Bidayuh in the parliament. Well, am I wrong than? Everyone is agree that Pak Lah government is the worst in the nation history. Taib had ruled more than 20 years and building his wealth down to the grave yard while the MPs are digging a massive graveyard for the Bidayuh. The facts are that we are not happy with the present government and reformation is needed for a better future.

Yes. Since you are the crony of Micheal Manyin, you will only talk what is good about him. How about Bandar Mutiara and Kampung Tun Razak? Scattered the villages for his home and orchard where life seem to be peaceful and harmony. Why should we have to pay the price for the developments while the other is getting them for fee? In fact, some of them got high price of compensation. You go and ask those who were affected by the PLUS project. How much they got?

The real dilemma is we do not need Barisan Nasional because we are made to be a slave of UMNO and PBB. Right? Do you agree with me Micheal? If we get out of BN then the present YB will get bankrupt because they cannot play with corruption. Furthermore, Pakatan Rakyat is the weakest coalition. You are totally wrong. We are no more talking about long house politic and primary school mentality. The old folks must be replaced for the sake of the aborigines. We do not need to write 31 pages of reason why we should stick with BN. There are only four words to describe it. “We are not Happy”. Why should we say that we are happy while we are made as slave?

Tebiya are the victims of the present government. Tanyuh was made to be a puppet to Stephen Yong to get timber. Sora was a thing that we cannot see and heard. Nissom was a victim of PBDS and was made for the betterment of the party that was so called The Great Dayak Party. Years after year I see one by one Dayak Party collapsed and we are under test then.

Do we believe in Multi-racial party then? Taib is different my brother. There is no democracy in PBB but we have a new Joseph Stalin or say it Saddam Hussein. Nobody dare to talk to Taib. The anointment of Sulaiman is the real fact that Bidayuh is not needed in PBB. PBB is now belong to Taib’s family as what Pak Lah is doing with UMNO. I am glad that Mahathir withdrew his membership from UMNO and that is the best solution to give them a lesson.

I would say that we are not in the dilemma but we are blinded by the dictatorship of Pak Lah and Taib. As I said, there is no democracy in Barisan National but everyone is bowing down to the leaders. The frog law is the best example. So, why not jump ship while BN is in trouble? Develepment mater? What development? We are far left behind and we do not deserve development but reformation because thought is always greater then wealth.

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