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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bidayuh - The Second Class Community?

There will still be devt: Manyin
By Yu Ji, The Borneo Post Press (Sunday, 18 May 2008)

The Bidayuh community happy with government; we have nothing to protest, says minister

KUCHING: Whether or not the Bidayuh community gets a federal cabinet appointment does not matter as there will always be development, assured Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice president Datuk Michael Manyin yesterday.

“It does not mean that when you get a minister appointed, you will definitely get development,” the minister said.

“Actually, this time the (Sarawak) Malay community also does not have a full minister, yet they did not protest, so why should we protest?”

He was responding to a press report Thursday which noted that none of the Bidayuh assemblyman delivered any speech during the last State Legislative Assembly sitting.

Some thought the absence of a ‘Bidayuh speech’ was a silent protest against the lack of federal ministerial appointments.

Manyin, who is state Environment and Public Health Minister, also reiterated that the federal cabinet was the prerogative of the prime minister.

Added Manyin: “The Bidayuh community is happy with the government. We have nothing to protest. It is not true at all to say we are protesting.”

Furthermore, the Bidayuh leader said two assemblymen had prepared speeches but were just not able to deliver them.

“Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie had prepared a 31-page speech but was unfortunately not feeling well. He was suffering from gout and diarrhoea.

“Another was (Opar assemblyman) Ranum (Mina) who prepared a speech, but he did not have the time to deliver,” Manyin said.

On a related issue, the minister was asked if more Bidayuh elected representatives would be appointed to the state cabinet, following a rumoured reshuffle soon.

“That, we have no clue. At this point, we don’t even know if there will be a reshuffle, so whatever people say is just based on guesses.”

Manyin was speaking to reporters after opening the annual Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) sports day.

I think I am the only Bidayuh who protest how the BN has made us as the 2nd class community. Well, maybe I am wrong. Tun Jugah had never deserved any post in the Parliament because he was well-fed by Tunku Abdul Rahman before the formation of Malaysia. Stephen Kalong Ningkan was then being slaughtered by the PANAS, PESAKA, and BARJASA because he wanted to continue to be the Chief Minister of Sarawak. James Wong was then sent to ISA detention camp because SNAP has beheaded the Malay and Melanau. Did SNAP really commit it? Then there was a plot to sack the Dayak from the political arena.

What development that we have had under the BN with 5% oil and timber royalty from the federal government? Gravel, dusty roads, dark villages, undeveloped schools are the promised development from the government. Tiki was then being made a deputy minister but the Bidayuh is still undeveloped. Yes, I agree with Manyin and he made a right statement. The Bidayuh must toil as hard as they can to survive and let the government runs itself. But, what is the point to vote if there is no representative? There are many issues that we should settle down with the corrupted BN. In facts, the Bidayuh is marginalized because there is no representative for them. There was some but they were intimidated with NEP and special rights of the Malay.

I was challenge by some of the reader of tbsbidayuh blog to contest on the 2011 poll. Well, I am not stupid and idiot and that is my stand. I will use this blog to fight for the people and not to look for fame and wealth. I just can wait for my digicam to be delivered and perhaps there will be more undeveloped road and school to be aired soon. Soon, the Bidayuh will realize why they are marginalized and made to be idiot. (oooop! Someone will get mad). Why should those fellow Bidayuh try to shut me out while they are talking big? “Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas”. The best they can do is to mock and undermine a tiny blogger like me. Oh friend, you are in the wrong track.

Let talk about development and representation again. Four villages will be chased down to the new settlement (Kampung Tun Abdul Razak) with RM 10K compensation. That is a great development to the Naim Cendera and the other cronies. Now, development will be paid by the Bidayuh fear to the great white hair. The running dogs (someone will get mad too) will only listen to Taib Mahmud and that is why Bidayuh does not need any representative in the Parliament. Bidayuh MP should never make their way to Peninsular so that their corruption and cronyism work will never get heard by Pak Lah. To say yes to Taib mean that there will be more money for the Bidayuh or his Bidayuh cronies.

I passed through one of the JKR quarry in Kuching area and was shocked to see that it is now belong to CMS Sdn. Bhd. Wow!! Someone is sucking every resources before God call him to be back home. What’s next? Will there gonna be a bald mountain before the judgment day? What Bidayuh MP has to do with this new development plan? How much they have earned form every inch of oil palm estate while the land is belonged to them? Development? What development?

Silent revolt is not needed anymore since we do not belong to the government that we have chosen. We do not need a weak government and revolt is needed because we are no more to be called “lakia” by SUPP and ants by PBB. Why should we scared of Taib since he is not god or “chai tsen tau” (the goddess of wealth). Make it enough for we have seen the downfall of the Bidayuh in SNAP and please bear in mind that PBB is the ultimate killer of the Dayak.

“The Bidayuh community is happy with the government. We have nothing to protest. It is not true at all to say we are protesting.”

The Bidayuh is not happy. Please do not tell any lie here.

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