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Friday, May 16, 2008

Silent Revolt?

The 31-page speech that never made it

The Borneo Post Press (Friday, 16 May 2008)

Kedup rep could have been Bidayuh voice but silenced by indisposition

SERIAN: Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggie expressed shock over yesterday’s news report that there was such a thing as ‘silent protest’ by him and his four other Bidayuh elected representatives.

Bayoi: Shocked over the news report.

“Silent protest over what?” he asked The Borneo Post yesterday as he held up a copy of the newspaper.

“I am shocked that it was intimated that we did not participate in the august house debate to protest the exclusion of the Bidayuh from the federal cabinet.

“It’s just not true because Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has every right to pick the members of his cabinet,” Bayoi said.

“Worst still, how can it be intimated that the so-called protest was to pressure the state government to appoint a Bidayuh in the coming cabinet reshuffle?

“That’s not only irresponsible but it is putting us, the elected representatives, and the Bidayuh community in a very bad light, especially when it has been mentioned so many times in the past that cabinet appointments are the prerogative of the Chief Minister,” he added.

Yesterday The Borneo Post carried a news report headlined: “Bidayuh reps not staging silent protest”, noting that none of the Bidayuh representatives - Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian, Tarat assemblyman Roland Sagah, Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil and Opar assemblymen Ranum Mina as well as Bayoi - had delivered any speeches during the last sitting.

Known for his no-nonsense speeches in many past sittings, Bayoi’s absence was probably the most conspicuous.

But the five-term assemblyman, holding up a 31-page text of speech, when The Borneo Post met him at his residence here yesterday, said: “What I have here is probably my best prepared text of speech yet, but as I told you (reporter) on Wednesday, I had not been feeling well since first day of sitting.”



The running dog has to cover up the story of the barking dogs. There are two type of dog, one is a pet and one is a hunter. The pet dog is a dog who is always stay at home and waiting for food while the other one is going out for hunting. The pet dog will bark when he is hungry while the hunting dog will bark when it sees prey.

I will later get blasted because compare our MP with dog. The best illustration for today is dog and politicians. Raja Petra said in his speech in Pulau Pinang that the Penangites do not need a running dog (MCA and Gerakan) because these running dogs are the pet of UMNO. What was happening is Bayoi is covering the “silent revolt” by some of the Bidayuh MP because Bidayuh does not has any representative in the parliament though Sarawak has proven its support to BN. All the Bidayuh constituencies were surrendered to BN but the return merely dissatisfied. Why was Sagah and his fellow friends keep on silent on yesterday’s debate.

What is Frederick Bayoi trying to do is to write as much as possible to tell Taib that Bidayuh is so please with the work of the BN. The Bidayuh are very happy because their MP’s are not appointed. By doing so, the Bidayuh is willing to please Taib by not to revolt or else Taib will spank the rostrum as what he have done at Annah Rais few years ago. This was the disrespect that he has shown to the old folks in the village and to tell that he is the ultimate politician. I believe that Bayoi is not willing to see this to happen again if Taib visit Kedup.

Should we please with those who discriminate us? NO. Bidayuh is not a weak creature but they are timid. They scare too much and that is the factor of their marginalization and discrimination. There must be no any critics to be made because politicians are 100% perfect. Should we be happy with gravel dusty and muddy road since independent? No. That is not a fair return to the Bidayuh as they have proven their support to Barisan Nasional. Revolt means we are now realize we have been fooled and not because we are not satisfy with the leaders. The leaders have made a very silly mistake by allowing BN to rule them but the reality is that they are being used by the politician to get NCR Lands for timber and plantation.

Why should we support those who are easy to forget us? “There is no point to be in a mansion but sleeping beside the toilet bowl” – Kalabakan MP. We have been sleeping there for many years and it is now to get up to clean ourselves.