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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Malaysia Political Violences and Presecutions

Today we have learned a lesson from the Malaysian Government on the issue of Press Freedom and Freedom of Speech. Bloggers are now being terrified by the Sedition Act as the greatest shield to the government’s misbehavior and sadism. Raja Petra, the Malaysia-Today blog owner was arrested and going to be charged under Sedition Act regarding to his article in his blog entitled “Let Send the Altantuya Murders to Hell”.

How does the whole world describe this matter as Raja Petra refused to be bailed? Campaign has been raised up to collect RM 1.00 from every reader in order to collect RM 5,000 to bail RPK out. Is this going to be the best sacrifice made by a man who care on the national and government agenda? While he is in the jail, someone is under pressure to take cover. Will this time for the freedom of speech which has been illegalize since the era of Tun Mahathir? I believe that Malaysia now has to faces their very own ghost of misbehavior and inhumanity toward freedom of speech and press. The tremendous growth of the bloggers throughout the country proven that the mainstream medias are used to hide every essential issues from the people. Zainuddin Maidin once said that Malaysia Today is a nonsense blog but bloggers have decided the fate of the 5 states during the last general election. Khairy Jamaludin once said that the bloggers are the same as monkeys but now Mahathir, Khir Toyo and many other politician starting to join the “monkey” club.

Government has to accept the changes of communication and media. We are no more believed in what is said by the mainstream new readers but to browse to the internet to seek the alternative news. Though there is an act to charge any bloggers, it does not work as an intimidation but to boost the numbers of the bloggers in the country. Makkal Ossai was banned because it did not portray the government agenda and this was considered a political violence made by the Ministry of Home Affair. The Indian are no more writing about Samy Vellu victory as he has lost his seat in Sungai Siput and the best way to survive is to write about opposition agenda for the people.

The freedom of press and speech are made illegal because of the racial tolerance issue. Mahathir has said that Malaysia has not achieved its goal to obtain a full racial peace and tolerance. I believe that his statement does not related to independent media but how the government use media to lie to the people. Mahathir just being there to control the racial issues but not to nurture and to educate the people on how to achieve a total racial tolerance among the people. Hindraf was blame because of their act to raise the racial tense among the people but the truth is that the Selangor government has failed to maintain the racial tolerance by demolishing the temple which is sacred and holy to the Hindu.

Hishamuddin Hussien, the UMNO youth chief has made a terrible mistake during the party Annual Meeting by brandishing the daggers and this has made the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and PPP to work as the Barisan Nasional running dog. What was the issue actually? Hishamuddin was showing the nation that the Malay cannot be challenge “Pantang dicabar”. Say it on national language and the welfare of Chinese and Indian schools. This act of violence was a mistake made by the government to sustain a peaceful nation. As Malay are well taken care by NEP and special right, the other race are in struggle under the governance of coalition parties in BN. Sabah was made as the Barisan Nasional and UMNO’s dump site where illegal immigrants are well served compare to the aborigines. Sarawak is the state of denial where development is very slow. How about Terengganu? Is was great to see Idris Jusoh was not reinstate to be the Menteri Besar or else this will make Terengganu the poorest state though it has plenty of black gold. The government has persecuted Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak for years since the new UMNO was formed.

The freedom of speech and press has becoming an enemy to the government because it will never benefit the government itself. That is why Mahathir has ruled for more than 20 years and there was no problem because ISA was used to obstruct the freedom of speech. Lim Kit Siang was charged under government secrecy issue and detained under ISA. Jeffery Kitingan was sacked into ISA because he spoke for the Sabahan and so many more. Political violence has been performed by the government through ISA so that there will be no any thereat to the corrupted and brutal Barisan Nasional regime. That is why those who are guilty are found not guilty as the laws are always below them.

The Altantuya murder case will be more exited as it was cold down by the government. Though Shaariibu has coming to plead from the government, his present was denied and to the people, this is a disrespect made by the government towards Mangolian government. How can a human to be demolished in such a way and the government is closing its eyes and ears. How an explosive can was used to bury a weak woman and the man in the green Vitara jeep is not charge. How about those two Indians police who were always threat to throw Altantuya out from the window? I believe that law has been bough so that the guilty one can be free to do another crime. Kangaroo court has been establishing so that there will be more confusion to this matter. The Judiciary therefore must be made fully Independent and the appointment of the CJ is not through the Prime Minister advice anymore. The history has told us that this way of work by the Attorney General has failed the judiciary system under the order of Prime Minister.

When will the government going to be open to the public? Will the bloggs going to be licensed soon in order to sustain a peace and harmony country? The people are more matured when it comes to the issue of peace and racial harmony. The government itself has sparked the racial issue by maintaining the NEP and the Keris brandishing to terrified the Chinese as what UMNO has done during the 13th May tragedy. The failure is not at the people’s side but the government side and they practiced corruption, nepotism, favoritism and marginalization to some other ethnics under the Barisan Nasional.

Therefore, the government must grant freedom of speech as it is not a threat to the racial harmony. Independent journalists must be well respect and honor as they are working as the eyes and the ears of the people. It is time to accept the people’s mentality and perception toward news and media as TV is not always accurate at all time. Stop persecuting freedom of press and speech so that there should be no one to be left behind or denied. The wisdom is not given by the government but by Almighty God so that humans are well prepared to accept what is true and false.

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