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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mind Your Duty

I never offered myself, says Dr Jerip

The Borneo Post Press, (Tuesday, 6 May 2008)

‘SUPP leaders recommend but prerogative is Chief Minister’s: Rep

KUCHING: Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil yesterday denied that he ever offered himself to be appointed as assistant minister but was leaving it to the Chief Minister to decide if he should be appointed.

One of the names strongly tipped for an appointment in the coming cabinet reshuffle, Dr Jerip said such appointment was the prerogative of the Chief Minister.

Besides, he said, in as far as he was concerned, the appointment would also depend on the recommendation made by the leadership of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

“I can’t say anything at this point of time as the decision depends on the party (SUPP) leaders and the prerogative of the Chief Minister,” he said to reporters at the foyer of the State Legislative Assembly complex here.

Asked by a reporter if he was ready for the appointment if chosen, he said: “Well, if given the honour, I will honour the honour given to me.”

Dr Jerip has served as assemblyman for two terms.



Dr. Jerip must appreciate the trust of the aborigines in Bengoh and he should ask to be appointed and not wait to be appointed. Unless, he has decided to crossover to STAR again, then there should be no problem if Taib does not going appoint him to be in the State Cabinet. Every aborigine’s politicians are aiming to join Barisan Nasional because they think that Barasan Nasional is a strong coalition. But, wait a moment, the last General Election gave Barisan Nasional a very big and hard lesson for the first time in the national history.

As for Bengoh MP, you are voted to work and not to sleep. Pak Lah has sleep for years and there is no need to sleep for the Bengoh. Your challenge will be:

  1. The new settlement of Bengoh, Rejoi, Pain and Sait – Please say NO to Tun Razak.
  2. The aborigines in Kiding, Sapit, Kakas, Asum, Maras and those near by the border need basic necessity – electricity and road.
  3. NCR land and other native rights issues.

There should be no time in Klinik Batu10 as Mahathir has left Klinik Maha to serve the Malay. If Jerip is not ready to be appointed, please open the way to Mengan to serve the aborigines as I believe that he has the serving spirit and enthusiasm . Correct me if I am wrong. There must no such ego statement in the new paper as we have read Tiki’s statements on the questions submission.

SUPP has to work for Jerip to be appointed and to serve the aborigines. What is SUPP’s actual plan for the aborigines after Riot was dismissed. Chan said there are but we are not sure what the palns are. May be salted fish project or Baram Bai Ahang factory to be setup in Pangkalan Ampat? Who knows?

If Jerip is not appointed and not willing to be appointed though he say that he is honored, well, it time to look for non-businessman MP so that the rakyat are well served and monitored.

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