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Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Born Running Dog?

SPDP-PRS merger talks still on track

The Borneo Post Press, (Thursday, 8 May 2008)

KUCHING: The merger between Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) would be realised by end of this year at the earliest or the latest before the next state election is due in 2011.

MERGER TALKS: Dublin (seated left) and Nyarok fielding questions from members of the press.- Photo by Davidson Kho.

Although there are still details to be worked out, including the name of the merged entity, leaders of the two Barisan Nasional parties yesterday expressed their commitment towards working for a merger.

SPDP deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok and PRS vice president Datuk Dublin Unting told a joint press conference that the merger exercise was on track.

Nyarok said both parties would be working seriously towards the merger from now on, and would be holding formal discussions immediately after the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) and parliament sittings had ended.

“I am very confident it (the merger) can be achieved (by end of this year). The Chief Minister has also agreed to it now that PRS has settled its (leadership) problems,” he told reporters at the DUN lobby.

To a question, Nyarok, who is Assistant Minister of Agriculture, said the people could expect the merger to be achieved before the next state election. He said PRS and SPDP were multi-racial parties, and believed that non-Dayak members such as Chinese and Indians would be comfortable with the merger.



Will this be the answer to the Dayak disunity? SPDP and PRS should think twice before they form another mother of all running dogs under Barisan Nasional. What is the purpose of merging if the Dayaks are still under marginalization? PBDS has given the dayak a good example of the Dayak unity issue. Leo Moggie was the victim and let see if there will be someone going to sack his fellow colleague in this new formation of running dog. I would like to suggest that the new entity for this new running dog should be named “Dayak Disunity Party” (DDP) and it sounds good though.

What is the main agenda of these two parties to be merged? Don’t we understand that Masing and Mawan are two headhunters among the Dayak. I hope to see that if these parties merge, then we will see more beheading among the Dayak. I may say that PRS has to merge since Larry has being their thorn in the flesh. PRS is now become weak as Larry withdrew his dynasty and going no where with PRS. Correct me if I am wrong.

SPDP and PRS should join opposition to get heard. Pakatan Rakyat is the best solution of the Dayak marginalization. PBB has failed the Dayak and what else this coming running dog going to do with the Dayak? Weak clan cannot beat strong clan because Tiab is always lust of power and PBB is the best example on how Taib ruled the Dayak. I believe that this combination of two Dayak’s party is to make a political gimmick to the Dayak as BN has lost badly during last general election. This coming running dog will try to bark Barisan Nasional to erect its flag and Pak Lah will just smile at them.

This in not an answer to the Dayak though PRS and SPDP going to merge to form a strong Dayak party. As long as they are working with the corrupted government, the Dayak will never be heard or seen by the BArisan Nasional. That is why NCR issue has never come to it end and furthermore, the Dayak leaders are enjoying their privilege as a bumiputera to gain their own benefit. Evidence? Is there any poor Dayak MP’s. Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry belongs to the politicians to get the government contract for themselves. There are many more but I do not deserve to be in Sungai Buloh with Raja Petra.

The leaders must bear in mind that Barisan Nasional is now totally paralyzed and there are many issues that BArisan Nasional could not answer. The hiking price of goods, high profile criminals, corruptions and misused of power are the disease that Barisan Nasional created to the people. Will government bankrupt if they increase gas subsidy or help the people in any kind of way? The Dayak parties are now irrelevant to the tribe as the party is no more fighting for the Dayaks. The party belongs to the businessman, contractors and not own by the activist, teachers and the Dayak themselves.

I don’t have any confident in this new formation between SPDP and PRS. Are the Dayaks now realized their mistake that they have made from their foolishness? The Dayak has to lay down their ego and get back to the origin so that there will be more capable leaders to be raise up and not the corrupted and incapable leaders as what we have now. Till then, I can say that this coming running dog will only bark and not working for the sake of the Dayak though these two parties are multi-racial party as what they have claimed.

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