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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bengoh oh Bengoh

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The hope of Indigenous: WHAT THEY SAY? thanks for Rumah Dayak

I’ve visit the villagers last week and one of the question topic to discuss with them is about what they feel once they have are removed from their origin places.

The Takuk Anak Simbas as a senior leaders from kampong Pain Bojong says:
“we are too old and weak to protest the demands from any authority, otherwise we are revealed to be betrayer to government. Since, I thought to say that it is good to be in the new village, to feels the modern facilities that is to be disappointed by our YB. Dr Jerip as DUN and our Dawos from parliamentary as well. I’m not hope to be at the same Bakun problem of community, rather I hope our BN could actualize their promise to ascertain the successful of the project, as well to recover their face as good parties and leaving the Bakun tragedy on the future”.

About future:
“ I think, my old village situation and our people is familiar on this place, thought there are many challenge we face, such as walk by 2-4 hours until Bengoh to buy nor selling our product, but saying to be familiar is to be adaptive in the new place “tomorrows” is tough and necessitate the long time. Thought the communities are leaving this village with forcefully, it is to provide the fresh water for Kuching community, there are stay have conflict that we face, properly the menace from the other communities from direction village. Since, we hope this village is like the promise of our minister Manyin to provide us protection (wall, electricity, and fresh water, the home that is from our ability or by refers to our ability to pay) from coming problem. I guest that there must have a problem when we recalled the memory from indigenous from Batang Ai, Bakun etc.”

The hope and suggestion:
“I’ve ever heard the message from Rumah Dayak website to suggest us, the Bidayuh community Leaders association, such as NGO’S, DBNA, and our YB to help us guaranteed the compensation reach on the right time, and follows the payment schedule”, as well as to ascertain there are minor problem on the future.This is good suggestion to help us and our community, Malaysia as well on this small project(as compared to Bakun)”. By looking at that time, we are waiting for our Memorandum to be recognized as what we needed. Other than that, we are acquired the support from international association in order to avoid the same Bakun tragedy”. I wish to thanks the Rumah Dayak for their support!

Talking about the name of village:
“the village name will not be the problem, since we are hope to be safe in this place. Think about the future custom and culture is on the physiology of our people”. “Note that we are lose on the culture, means we are defeated against the new custom. That is come from the heart of our broken people, the only I hope from my fellow villagers is to think positively, once there are advised to refer the matter from at least 3-4 peoples that most professional in matter as compared them”. The sound is means “like not to hanging the crown of the salt of age” but rather refers to education and the fact. So that, is what I hope.wakil orang kampung" Tq… Harap diperbanyakkan, terima kasih.

Thank you for your idea and contribution. Happy Gawai to You.
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