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Friday, June 6, 2008

Blogger Shouldn't Stay outside the Town!!

It is great to be back on the net again. What?? Fuel Price is up again? I told a motorist to vote for opposition but he replied me " All the same lah. Perentah (government) and opposition are the same. I have nothing to say because he like the government's business.

What I need to say? Oh ya. Few days in the jungle was a great time with my old mum and family members. Went to town this morning to get my inbox. 125 unread messages. What a long time to read and publish comments in the blog. Sorry for the late publishing. Will write more soon. Had a good time with Tiyung Dayak. Thank you for the kolok mee and B**r. There are more articles to come. But sadly, no pictures taken because I do not have my digicam.

Thank you for your visit. You can call me anything and there will be more to come. I promise you. Someone may get mad too. Sorry for that. SMK Padawan is still the same. All the time. Oh yes, there was a group of people asked my blog url too. Some asked me to print out the content since there is no internet in the Kampung. People are hungry of information!!

Good to see your comments here. That all for now. God Bless you. Good to hear that the PM and the DPM allowance will be deducted too. Thank you to Pak Lah and Najib. May the goddess of oil and rice bless both of you.
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