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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Leave the Running Dog Party to the Chinese

‘Forgive and forget’ in SUPP
By Ting Tieng Hee, Borneo Poss Press (Wednesday, 7th May 2008)

Wong says no more leadership crisis in party; calls on Dr Chan to continue as president

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) deputy secretary-general Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh feels that Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan should continue to lead the party as its president.

Although Dr Chan had expressed his wish to step down at the party’s delegates’ conference this year, Wong felt that the deputy chief minister should continue to be president as the party still needed him.

“We are in difficult times and we need him to lead us. All our comrades in Sibu branch have also told our president that we will fully support him when he came to Sibu,” said Wong.

Following the May 2006 state election which saw SUPP losing eight seats, there were differing views and strong disagreements within the party on the causes of its worst defeat ever and how to win the seats back in the next polls.

This led to the creation of factions.

However, the factions have ironed out their disagreements and the party now appears to be moving forward.



MCA and GERAKAN were made as a running dog by the UMNO. So to the SUPP is made to be a running dog for PBB. Therefore, there is no need for Riot, Jerip, Ranum and others in SUPP to stay like fooled wet chickens (ayam basah). The failure of GERAKAN and MCA is that these two Chinese parties are timid and anxious to fight for the Chinese right. In fact, Keng Yaik was made as the master of puppet by the UMNO and Penang has been suffering under him and Koh Tsu Koon.

What we have to do with these SUPP as they have failed to fight for the Chinese in Kuching, Padungan and Batu 7? They won in Bengoh because of the Bidayuh vote and not by the Chinese vote and yet we are always made ready to bark for more rotten soup. What was the internal crisis? Chinese have lost their trust to the running dog and politicians are just making money as what uncle Lau and George Chan are doing with timber. The Bidayuh have lost a lot and I believe that in this time of “internal crisis”, the best Bidayuh can do is to leave the party to the Chinese to decide the BN running dog party.

It is never to late for us to leave the “crisis” party and so to PRS as we are not made to be the servants of the others but to work together to achieve one common goal and vision. Be prepare for the next political tsunami is Sarawak and I can predict that there will be more changes as Anwar is doing something good to the Sabahan and the Sarawakian

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