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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Desperate Losers

I watched a little bit of RTM 1 program called “60 Minit Bersama Menteri” last night. It was Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib chance to be in TV. I only switch to the program every time advertisement was aired. Actually I was watching “Longest Yard” and I have been watching this movie several times. What has attracted me was that his idea to develop rural area. There was a phone call from Sabah asking why their land is not theirs though they have settled down there for centuries. The answer given by Muhammad was that the government owns the land and government has right to ask the villagers to move out of that place if there is a development for that place. Maybe, the caller was from Maang. It reminded me of one case in Lahad Datu when the villagers were chased out of their villages and their houses were burned down by the Sabah Chief Police.

We will loose Rejoi, Semban, Sait and Pain soon and we will see new habitat in Kampung Tun Razak. Yes, the Bidayuh has no right for their ancestor’s lands but have to let them go for the sake of “Development”. What development? With RM 10K compensation, my fellow brothers and sisters in Kampung Tun Razak will enjoy their salted fish porridge for two or three months. When the money finished, the next move is to steal each other belongings in order to survive. RM 10K is not enough and since those villagers are the origin of that land, they deserve to get RM 50K per family or more for the price of their fruit trees, black pepper farms and their houses. Since every inch of land is claimed as a government treasure, the new settlement is disrespect to the NCR lands codes. The government can take every right of the aborigines in order to develop its people. Is this new conspiracy between the Bidayuh leaders and Taib to rape the Bidayuh right? Why there is no bargaining or negotiation in term of compensation and new settlement?

After two night broadcasted in TV, a school in Sabah remote area (Kemabong) had received their 12-million Ringgit Bridge and it is a good sign for the community there. What about RM 1,000 aid for the students in Selangor? They gave no time for a poor opposition government in the state to deliver their promises. How to give aid when the state government has to cover the previous debt? In fact, Muhammad Taib was accused of bringing lot of money to Australia when he was the Menteri Besar. Khir Toyo could not manage the state to get more money to pay for the debt and as a result, “Broom Award” was given to get money from the local authorities. If the people in Selangor have a good common sense, why should they dispute with RM 1,000 thing? Didn’t they realize that the previous government left debt to the new opposition government? They should accuse the previous government for practicing corruption and misused the public fund. Let us get back to the main story then. There is no compensation for NCR lands since the aborigines have no might to defend themselves. In fact, we have seen long houses being destroyed for plantation. The Penans have to face intimidation when they made a blockage. The Rejoi and other villages have to accept new settlement and lose their lands and origin.

Who says that we do not need development? Yes. Indeed we need development but there must be equality and justice. The government should first build a road to Kiding, Sapit, Asum, Kakas and other remote areas. With this proper infrastructures, we will able to get to town easily. Besides, we do not have to carry our merchandise on our back to trade in Kuching. We are left behind though we have supported Barisan Nasional. The students need to travel to schools easily and do not have to walk on foot for 3 to 4 hours to get to the hostel. Well, there might be development if those villages have to move to new settlement called Bandar Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Why there must be a corridor while the people are living in poverty and struggle? What are the best approaches need to be taken by the Rural Development Ministry to help those people? Should it be Development for lands or lands for development? Pak Lah should forget about SCORE since it was Tun Mahathir failure for Bakun. What is the meaning of SCORE if we, the aborigines are living under the political and economical pressure? First thing must come first so that there are no desperate losers.
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