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Monday, April 4, 2011

SNAP - The Dayak Unresolved Mystery

1. SNAP was said to be the Dayak new kind of platform in redeeming and winning Dayaks lost hope towards politic. It is said that to join SNAP is to get back to the original struggle after the Ming Court Affair, PBDS separation and de-registered of SNAP by ROS.

2. I am wonder why should SNAP emerge nowadays when it should be firm now afters decades of establishment. What was going wrong with SNAP?

3. It might be a baseless speculation for SNAP to be in opposition in this coming state election as there is less news coverage from SNAP instead of PKR, DAP and PAS. Then SNAP is remaining a mystery to everyone.

4. The purpose of SNAP to compete is not due to the Dayak struggle but to achieve a one person ambition; to be somebody in BN and to challenge the old foes, William Mawan and James Masing over the long time disputes of the Dayak leaders.

5. PRS and SPDP are the two parties under the BN components and both parties have a deep wound with Leo Moggie and Daniel Tajem. Therefore, SNAP must be restored in order to demolish the two tiny parties, PRS and SPDP. I believe with the new restoration of SNAP by Leo Moggie, PRS and SPDP will be shaking as they have little seat to be contested compare to SUPP and PBB.

6. Is SNAP really sincere in their political battle to save the Dayak? History told us that the Dayak has a bad habbit in politic and that is why they remain as the second class community. SNAP was de-registered due to leadership and somebody greed to be in power and to be rich. Then PBDS emerged but not able to last as Ibans are not willing to work together as a Iban community.

7. If SNAP win most of their contested seats, they will offer their buts to BN and there comes the bad guys to "re-sodomized" the Dayak again. This time not by Anwar Ibrahim but by the BN lusting buts guys.

8. If SNAP remaining a mystery to the Dayak, then PKR and DAP must persuade the Dayak to vote for them and win the majority. Will it happens? I am yet to wait for the voting day. 
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