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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who Should Educate The Bidayuh or Dayak??

1. I keep on thinking on one of the tbsbidayuh blog's respondent on "educating" the Dayak issue. I was rebuked for always blaming the Dayak for being poor, ignorance and marginalized. There are several anger comments on my view on SMK Padawan performance to produce better Bidayuh students as well.

2. I wish to be as rich as Gate family and build my own charity movement like the Gate Foundation. With the money I have I can build a better pre-schools, schools and clinics and education scholarship. Then, I could contribute to the Bidayuh in whole. Unfortunately, I am as same as those Bidayuh who work at farm, construction sites and coffee shops.

3. In fact, the Bidayuh has a lot of associations and organizations who can help to educate them. DBNA has existed for many years but yet failed to give an answer to the Bidayuh struggle, illiteracy, poverty and ignorance. DBNA receives tremendous fund from government, NGO and it wealthy members. Somehow, the HQ building is far important than helping Bidayuh who need emergency fund to get to colleges and universities. Why build a castle in the middle of the squatters? Should a pride be greater then a human capital? I am wonder why the YB members in DBNA could not speak for the Bidayuh as they have access to the house of representatives and parliament. It's a big wonder indeed. Once again, who cares?

4. DCCI, (Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was existed to help the Bidayuh to be successful entrepreneur but the Bidayuh are grumbling around with other community to get help fund and training and SEDC (Sarawak Economic Development Corporation). So, what is DCCI contribution to produce Bidayuh millionaire who will help poor Bidayuh?  

5. The Bidayuh youngsters especially, those students cannot score good result in public exams as the schools  are poor of facility, old and unmanageable. The student in the rural area could not compete with the urban students  due to less exposure to the outside world although there is internet in school. Most of the rural school net are not maintain well and internet is running on the "world slowest speed" (lease line). What have the headmasters and principal done to make sure the respective vendor come to fix the problem? Who cares? They are paid for their job scope as a teacher and not for such craps works. With this kind of mentality, the student will only rely on outdated text-book and reference and there is no alternative study material as internet is always unavailable. What wonder the most is that Ministry of Education is paying million ringgit to vendors for doing nothing. So it is not the vendor who loose but the rural area students. 

6. Bidayuh parents have no intention to save money for education as well. It is better to spend for beer, liqueur and pork. Some prefer 4D, TOTO, Cash-Sweep and poker or "holo". When it comes to education matter, parent will give reasons to not pursuing their children education due to "poverty" issue. " Not afford because we are poor". That is the best answer to the Bidayuh illiteracy.

7. The churches teach the Bidayuh to obey and embrace God mercy and forgiveness but not teaching them to be greater then what they should be. When they are greater, (in education, occupation, etc) they  portrayed the Christianity revolution and churches can expand. But, the teaching is nothing more than old doctrine, confusing and sleepy pulpit preaching. The youth are not motivated to be a educated pilgrims and followers but to be the same until the Christ return. In stead of self-indulgence and hearth cleansing, the Bidayuh religious institution must use the religion teaching to produce quality community, leaders and followers by attaching to the same teaching, value and doctrines. They should look at western Christian countries. They are inventors, producing quality citizens, have the most world top universities and have the most sophisticated technology. They have all those because they are holding firm on the religion teachings and therefore that are permitted by God to be who they are.  

8. I should regret on what I am now but I am grateful because my parent poverty and disability are not the  reason to give up my education. Indeed it is not my pride, but it is a fruit from my struggle, blood, tears and sweat. I wait for no one to get to plane to go far away from home for education. I borrowed money and that is what I have to do because my parent cannot afford for my education. I stay with stranger without knowing that I am accepted or not. But, I always wash my own dish after meal because I was though to appreciate even a piece of rice that I received. I gave my best to get my return although I have less resources.
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