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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coming Sarawak State Election

1. We are yet to experience a new kind of spirit in this coming state election. It might be mixed (sour and spicy) or feling as usual.  There might be new faces a BN or opposition side or the same recycled YBs.

2. What really makes this coming election funny is that the chief minister has announced that he is resigning from politic but when Najib came with goodies and money, he decided to stand at Balingian. What makes he re-consider? Money and money and money. This old man never tired of stealing and "greeding".

3. SNAP and other opposition parties are grumbling around on the seat allocation. SNAP is said to be with opposition but who is working behind SNAP? We are yet to figure out if SNAP win all their contested seats.

4. Will SNAP or PKR be the Dayak companions if they rule over BN? It might be yes but I am pretty sure that No can be an answer. SNAP was de-registered because of Dayak greed of power and idiocy. The history will repeated again if the Dayak in SNAP still behave the same; every Dayak wanted to be a chief minister and rich.

5. PKR is looking for more seats so that Anwar can be in Putrajaya but if Anwar Ibrahim become a PM, what will PKR do for Sarawakian? Another colony after BN?

6. The Dayak are in dilemma because PKR and SNAP are proclaiming themselves to be the Dayak savior but will they keep their words after they win the election?

7. I used to be exited when it comes to politic stuff, but when thing is not done as it is promised, I rather focusing on how to earn a living.
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