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Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Reason Why Bidayuh should Vote Jerrip Out

1.    Jerrip Susil is a defector from STAR (State Reform Party) who was the party secretary and joined SUPP for RM 1 million price tag. A defector does not have the nationalism spirit but self interest and popularity. After all, he is still a “Chinese Kuli” as my father did before Sarawak independent. As a ‘kuli’ he cannot speak for his people but to listen to George Chan only (Taukeh Cina).

2.     N.16 Bengoh is the poorest constituency under BN and yet there is nothing has been done as per Member of Parliament, James Dawos has claimed in the media. In fact, BN steal from the poor and give them to the cronies like Borneo Highland Resort, Bengoh Freshwater Dam. All the work done through Dr. Jerip, James Dawos and Roland Sagah, (The Three Bandits).

3.    N.16 has the least PPRT program compare to other constituency although it is the poorest DUN. Is Jerip really care of this or his own business which is more profitable?

4.    N.16 has the most ugly schools and clinics although the government has allocated billion of ringgit to maintain school and to improve the public health. Where the allocated fund diverted to? To PBB and SUPP project elsewhere.

5.    BN has failed the affected community of Bengoh Dam. All the affected communities are Kampung Semban, Pain, Rejoi and Sait. But, all the contractor claims are speed up and are made with no less even a cent. The villagers have to bear the hardship while Taib;s contractors are living in wealth. Why does James Dawos and Jerip silence? Because they are muted and cannot be the rakyat representative.

6.    N.16 has the most jobless youngsters and there is no business opportunity or job opportunity for them. Has Jerip consider and long term project for the youngsters? No. He is busy with Lion Club and his medical clinic.

7.    N.16 has the most uneducated Bidayuh and most of them never get to high education level. Has Jerrip really cares? As long as he can afford for his own children education, why should he think of the unfortunate educated children? There in least pre-school in Bengoh and most of the school are about to collapse.

8.    Jerrip is a Sidang Injil Borneo follower and he is a good Christian. But, he has nothing to say regarding on Holy Bible impound by Barisan Nasional government. This is as same as denying Christ. Denying Christ is a sin.

9.    Jerrip only use intimidation to lead his constituency and not by good service and helping hands and heart. He will withdraw any government project at any village that need the project; better community hall, electricity, clean water and road. 

10.    SUPP is means for Chinese since yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jerip only serve the Chinese in Siburan and not the majority voters in Bidayuh villagers. Therefore, he rejects majority and serve the minority for his own interest.
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