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Friday, April 22, 2011

10th Sarawak State Election; A Victory to BN, a Lost to The Dayak

1. UMNO leaders worked very hard to clean Taib's dunk and once again BN win the state election with flying color. Dayak start to divert their attention from land grab to Taib resignation announcement by Najib.

2. With many "announced flash projects" Najib successfully secured victory as most of million ringgit project were announced at rural area under the BN manifesto; politic of development. There were new schools project announced, new resettlement with better facilities, road building allocation, new longhouses funds and so forth. BN used the politic of development for Sarawak as the state is the poorest state but rich of oils, timber, tourism and natural resources. The politic of development has been used almost every election time and yet the Dayak are still believing in it.

3. The opposition manifesto is not accepted as the Dayak mentality of " politic of development" is always greater then civil right, better governance and rejection of corrupt leaders. DAP has proven that the Chinese are well adapted to the current scenario in Sarawak state government and Taib land grabbing and unfair land lease policy. So, they spoke aloud by rejecting SUPP since George Chan has denied their struggle and work as Taib runnign dog all this while. Instead of slogan "Taib must go" by the DAP, the Dayak change it to "Taib must stay to steal" for another centuries if age permit him.

4. All  this while the Dayak have lost a lot to the Barisan Nasional and are yet they are marginalized, intimidated and ransack by the government. There are hundreds of land grabbing disputes in court of law and the Dayak even don't dare to stand for their right and future.

5. The raping cases by the logging workers has been denied by Taib and made hidden by the federal government. Civil right organization and SUHAKAM, are not allowed to enter Sarawak as Taib can explain to the authorities all the government misdeed. Any disputes regarding on land grabbing were handled by gangsters and the Dayak have no might to fight against intimidation and death treats.

6. The Dayak NCR land is not recognized by the state and federal government as there were only perimeter survey has been made but not land for farming, fruit orchard and native land. Therefore, the Dayak are still trespassing their own native land for farming and earning a living.

7. The politic of development is not an assurance for the Dayak to live out of poverty but as a rhetoric by Barisan Nasional to continue to marginalized the Dayak and allow the Taib family to make billion dollar properties from the state resources.    
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