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Thursday, April 21, 2011

SNAP - The End of Dayakism

SNAP resounding defeat on the 10th Sarawak General Election has shown the Dayak that SNAP should be more practical to the Dayak as whole. SNAP should make a clear decision either to join BN or Pakatan Rakyat before the election. As a Dayak origin party, SNAP should not rely on the Dayakism agenda as the Dayak is no more a headhunter or the highlanders. The Dayak is now more intelligent and wise and they know politic even better.

SNAP shameful defeat is the prove that the party egocentric is greater than it objective to fight for the Dayak. Somehow, another positive side of it was that SNAP earned pretty income from BN sponsorship.Their refusal to share their seat to Pakatan Rakyat shown that SNAP is not fighting for the Dayak struggle but to achieve personal gain and ready to jump to BN if the coalition lost simple majority and SNAP wind more than half of the contested seats.

Can Dayak become a strong community and unite themselves under one homogeneous party? History has told them that the Dayak will never united. PBDS was said to be the answer to the Dayak but it was divided into fractions. They can be a greater community if they united but due to self-ego, greed and arrogant, the Dayak has put themselves as the weakest majority in Sarawak.
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