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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Invest The Fixed Deposit!!!

Sarawak has wasted their deposit to BN after the 13th GE tsunami hit peninsular. Sarawak contributed the most parliament seat to BN and that is why BN rules today.

Somehow, Sarawak is still the 4th poorest state with 10% of its population are living under the poverty line. Truly, the state income per year is around 3 – 4 billion ringgit (timber, oil and gas, tourism).

Where is the money? We should question our self this golden question and start to think of Sarawak better future. Not under the Taib’s governance but Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat never lies to Selangor, Penang and Kelantan peoples. I am very sure of that as I am always traveling to peninsular. There is nothing in Puterajaya and it is a ghost city with only the Malay community.

BN has misruled their lawmakers in Sarawak and let them live with corruption, bad governance and no transparency. Look at how BN made Taib family as world richest politician. They are richer than Mubarak, Marcos and Suharto family. How does Taib lives in abundant with RM 50, 000 monthly incomes? He made Sarawak as his family business and siphoned them out to over sea. Why MACC did not make any investigation on Taib’s billion dollars worth properties? Because MACC is only receive order from Najib.

Now, let the people save the fixed deposit and do not sell it to BN. They buy with the lowest price and sale it back to the people with high price. BN bought vote at around RM 5 to RM 10 per vote and within 5 years they marginalized and sideline the Sarawakians who lived in poverty, depression and uneducated. This is the price that the people have to pay out from RM 5 vote they sold to BN. If they invest the fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will get RM 1500 ticket and pocket money for their children to enroll to local universities and not Yayasan Tabung Pusingan, RM 300 0r more for elders and unfortunates compare to RM 50 per month now. When the Sarawak people invest the fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will get their land surveyed and that can used their land for plantation and agriculture. As for that they can earn more than what they are getting from SALCRA now.

RM 1 billion funds to eradicate poverty is such a big amount and BN are looking down at it since they have e-kasih and 1 AZAM program. With the program, why Sarawak poverty rate is still at 70%? It shows that the government has no intention to fight for poverty but just to make our lady ministers looking prettier and famous.  

All State government contracts are awarded to Taib’s family and the local contractors have to scrap their business and selling Terubok Masin and Gambir Sarawak on the street. When the local council comes, they will have to run away with their tens and bench.

The government servants have to live in struggle with low income which is under the poverty line. They have to live beyond their means as the good prices are hiking tremendously. Although there are many supermarkets and shops, there is no competition in pricing as all the good prices are controlled by gangsters and not by ministry of trade and consumer. Therefore, many of civil servants are living with terrible depts and even have to borrow from illegal micro-finance (money lenders). If Sarawak civil servants invest their fixed deposit to Pakatan Rakyat, they will have a good government with transparency, integrity and good governance. Only a good government can pay a good wages to it servants because they have saved a lot from corruption, miss-managed fun and power-exploitation.

I do not see any problem in Pakatan Rakyat. Only SNAP does see it because they as same as BN. They like to see more land grabbing, miss-used of government funds and corruption. I wish to see Pakatan to win the State Election although I am not eligible to vote on this coming 16th April.
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