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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Legal Revolution!!

Let Learn from Mohamed Bouazizi

On the 17th December 2010 a naive fruit-seller burned himself in front of  a local council office in Tunisia. He did that because he was slap and mocked by a officer lady, Faida Hamdi who demanded  bribe from him for selling fruit using cart. That evening he came to the council office at Sidi Bouzid with a gallon of gasoline and set himself with flame. He was sent to a hospital and died on the 4th January 2011 due to severe burn.

Not long after that, after a week the Tunis rose-up to tell Ben Ali about his government and 14th January was the beginning of Tunusia Revolution and it affected the Arab countries.

I believe that Mohamed's struggle to earn by selling fruit is also endured by many poor Tunis. When Mohamed act, the Tunis realize that they can live out of poverty by asking Ben Ali to go; in other word asking him to stop putting Tunisia in his corrupted government. Luckily, he did and exiled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We had experience the minor revolution in Malaya few week before 13th General Election. Somehow, the revolution was failed due to the implemented emergency law by the government. Hence, the people have spoken verbally and 4 states fell to Pakatan Rakyat.

With Taib's 30 years in power, it is time to start a revolution; a legal way to overthrown Taib and Barisan Nasional. Let enough is enough for now and as the opportunity has been given, we take this chance to make a revolution for a better Sarawak. We don't have to set yourself into flame but we vote for a change.    
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