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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Longest Yard

I went to a village which is nearby Borneo Highland Resort and met with its community leader. Actually, it was just a cordial visit to his house as I was on leave. My strong desire to know what is the real story behind the affected areas and compensation on fruit trees and paddy farm. The affected areas covered Annah Rais, Pangkalan Ampat, Kiding, Semuti, Sadir, Sapit and others and the said affected area are NCR lands.

The community leader picked-up a meeting minute written by a staff of Borneo Highland Resort dated July 2007. It main agenda is the compensation rate and date of payment to the affected community. The Project Manager said that all the affected area (NCR lands) will be compensated based on the rate given by the state government and all the fruit trees are compensated based on the price agreed by the community leaders during the meeting.

It seems to me that the NCR lands are now well taken care at that area after years of overlook. Somehow, the compensation has not been delivered due to no any land survey have been made. I do not know why should it take years to deliver the compensation since the company has agreed to compensate the affected land and crops?

The Bidayuh has been marginalizing by their leaders and this statement will make me as another Bidayuh traitor and nut. James Dawos, Bengoh MP and Jerip cannot work together to settle down this issue because these two are from different political party. As a result, the community leaders will only listen to the meeting and never get their NCR land and crops compensated. This is the turmoil in the Bidayuh politic and their leaders gave no attention into it. Many projects have been completed with no agreement between the representatives and the community like Borneo Highland Resort and Mambong dump sites. I do not know if the CMS clinker project was agreed by the community of its surrounding area. If you pass by the Mambong area by bike you can smell a “fragrance” of rubbish at about 5 miles in radius. That was the greatness of Bidayuh sacrificial which never benefited tem at all.

Annah Rais Hot Spring and Long House home stay and eco-tourism are now dying as there is no any improvement made by the government. My wife paid Rm 5.00 when we enter the Hot Spring and there were many visitors on that day. I believe that it has its potential to welcome more visitors. Somehow, the facility is not really that good as the NCR land “owner” has no fund to improve his hot spring ponds.

The NCR land issue will never end as the Bidayuh leaders are muted and dump. Taib will never develop them unless; they converted to other “religion” as it is stated in the Barisan Nasional development package.

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