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Monday, October 27, 2008


It’s good to hear that TYT has awarded medal to our political and “non-political” leaders during his Birthday on Saturday. As I gone through the line-up list, I saw several names that familiar to me. The best award gone to Najib though. He is top of the list.

I am proud to have many Dayak “Dato” as he have less before. My congratulation goes to YB Dato Peter Nansian as our new Dato. SPDP is now has plenty of Dayak “Dato” and hope that this political party will strive more to fight for the Dayak right. Not forgettable, to Ik Pahon too as he deserve to be awarded for his hard works and contribution.

We have a lot of Dato’ and Dato Seri around and this is a good sign for Dayak’s politic. We are well served by our leaders although there are some issues have not yet settled. Nevertheless, we have to understand that the issues are well handled but it needs time to resolve. This including the NCR land issue which never pass-through CM’s ears and civil right of the aborigines. These Dato’ worked very hard to cater this issue so that nobody feels discriminated and side-lined.

SPDP congratulated YB Peter Nansian on one page in Sarawak Tribune yesterday. Somehow, I have not seen the “track-of-record” owned by SPDP in Bidayuh’ constituency. Some might assume that this could be a simply jealous statement but what is title for if there is no any record and competency performed? I fell well as there is no any Bollywood actor awarded on that day. Who knows, Salman Khan could be in the list as the Sarawak’s civil right activist.

We hope that there will be more YB to be awarded so that the Dayak will be well known in the BN political agenda. Some people told me that “Dato” is a prosperous title where you can get government tender and grant.

Finally, congratulation once again to those who are awarded. May the title be used to uphold the Dayak’s dignity and triumph.

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