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Thursday, October 9, 2008

When The Rooster Crows- XI

You may be Right, I may be Crazy


Although I am just a young father, I really like classic bands such as Rod Stewart, Smokie, The Eagles, Alan Jackson, Lobo and all those classic English bands. Some of the songs they sang have it deep meaning to me. Today, we will listen to Billy Joel, You may be right.

Some of the readers always blame me for blindly give my “blind” comments on Bidayuh organizations, politics and lifestyle. I was blame for giving “bad” comments for Bidayuh politicians, leaders and others kind of groups. I was then totally being condemned by the Bidayuh for “accuse” DBNA on Tun Abdul Razak resettlement NCR Land issue. Yes, they maybe right, I may be lunatic for airing all those shameful message of the Bidayuh to the whole world. Nevertheless, some assume that I am just a pathetic hero in stead being an obedient person as I have dept with the Bidayuh organization and Yayasan Sarawak.

There are many “crazy” stories that we must aware nowadays. There are not only the Bidayuh issues but plenty. Yesterday The Eastern Times published the allegation of Taib Mahmud to “shut-up” the media for publishing the news of raped Penan Girl and sex abuse in Baram area. He will never shut those media because he never takes his time to watch his mouth and behavior. And now, everybody is heading to Baram to dig out the news from the victims. NGOs, Woman welfares and so forth are now busy with those “silly accusation” by Bruno Manser Foundation and The Star Press.

We also have to know that our Composite Index is now below 1000 points and almost all countries composite index are falling due to the American financial crisis after Lehman Brothers was declared bankrupt, Merrill Lynch has been purchased by American Bank. AIG was then facing a tremendous liquidity crisis following the downgrade of its credit rating. Somehow, the local media reported that there is a guarantee that foreign investors will stay in the country to do business. Somehow, the market is now decline badly. Maybe someone can enlighten us because I am not an economic expert.

Now, let get back to the Bidayuh issue which always being a shameful thing to talk about. I feel lucky because there is no any news reporting on the rape and sex abuse happening in the Bidayuh community. Maybe it may happen but it is just a domestic violence or “minor abuse” that we can ignore. On my way back to my mother’s home in Simuti, I always stunned by a hard core poor families, jobless youths, uneducated children and life struggles of the Bidayuh people in Padawan and Penrissen area. As such, I could not do much because I am just a small ant in the colony. There are lot of dreams and hope but they are only mine which I cannot do much to make they real.

Should we blame politic for marginalizing the Bidayuh? Dato’ Micheal manyin once said that Bidayuh must never wait for anyone to feed them but they must work as hard as possible to feed themselves. He may right but if it is so, why should we involve in politic? There are many to blame but have we ever ask our right and obligation as a voter and follower? What if we vote for opposition then? Myopia?

Tun Mahathir was called by the Malays as regime as he has said the Malay as lazy and easy forgets. For me, I am not as good as Tun Mahathir to give my comments and critics on the Bidayuh issues. We have been living under marginalization and squatters on out own mother land. Think about it twice.
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