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Saturday, October 11, 2008

When I See You Smile

Written By Dora.

Jailhouse Rock!!

Justice Smile

It was late afternoon. My husband and I were traveling from 7th Mile to PTPL College. That was my first time to actually see some protest papers were glued to signage along the road from airport to BDC. I felt impressed because I never realized that we have RPK’s supporters here in Kuching, Moreover, it’s not just about RPK but about the anti-ISA movements. It’s all about human rights. It is actually very cruel to detain a person without trial. Even God has to judge his people before He send them to Heaven or Hell. So, how could men be above God?

Since YB Teresa Kok was released from detention, my opinion towards ISA grew critical. They not only detain the person without trial but they treat them even worst than their pets at home. I felt sorry for RPK when he complained that he had diarrhea after few days consuming the food. Then he rather survive on plain water and dates just to continue living in the “world’s hell”. This proved that they does not respect human – a being created by the hands of God. This is because they act as if they are God.

Lately, TV3 had this serial news about the needs of ISA in Malaysia. They are trying to show the positive sides of ISA by creating and manipulating news about ISA in Malaysia and compare it to other countries practicing the same law. Following majority does not necessarily prove that they are right. ISA can never have positive sides when the basic ideas are wrong. These are stupid people trying to “menegakkan benang yang basah”. Malaysians are not that stupid, mind you leaders! Sarawakians are also not that unaware even though we are far away from Kem Kamunting.

In my personal views of ISA, I think that ISA is just a law to protect the powerful wrong-doers. If it is really made to protect Malaysians against terrorism and racism, then why Ahmad Ismail was only suspended of his membership in UMNO for 3 years after he told the Chinese that they are immigrants and should get lost from this country. Why isn’t he detained under the ISA? Even though I am not a Chinese but I dislike this kind of statement. This kind of statement actually makes me hate Malays when not all of them are bad. RPK, for an example. Don’t you think Ahmad Ismail is more dangerous than RPK? Well, maybe RPK is dangerous for the ‘Perompak’ and ‘Pencuri’ but he is what we need now. We need the truth, justice and improvement. Not beauty from inside yet ugly in the inside.

I would like to ask all of us to continue to support the abolishment of ISA in Malaysia. Do not create Guantanamo Bay in Malaysia because we are not American. Who knows in future they might want to build another Kem Kamunting here in Kuching. I do not want that to happen. We have to respect all humans because they are created by God. Even a murderer goes through trial before he is declared guilty. Think about it…

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