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Monday, October 13, 2008

God Saves The Aborigines

March 2009 will be the new series of Power Transformation or better to say it Power Inheritance in UMNO and Barisan Nasional. What does it cares with the new picture of The Aborigines politics, economy and social? Will Najib holding on the Islamic country sentiment, NEP and special right of the Malay tribe? Will Sarawak and Sabah continue to be at the corner of the washroom?

There are many meeting made by Sabahan and Sarawakian to discuss on Pak Lah quit and the coming new regime. UPKO redeems a transparent government from UMNO and I do not know what PBB has discussed but most probably to proclaim their support to the present dictator and the next regime. Shall we be happy with the next exploitation of power and economy by the new regime in March 2009? Can we have our SCORE right within 5 month of power transition? Houseflies never live long and that is the fact. Five month will be another uncertainty for the Dayak to hold their faith and hope in Barisan Nasional. What will Taib do then? Continue to support Barisan Nasional for his own political gain?

The Lost Aborigines are not mindless actually. In fact, they have Peter Minos, the Bidayuh “activist”, Nyarok, and other NGOs pro and do forth. The Abdul Razak community will be born soon after the Atlantis project commence at the aborigines territory. We lost, politicians win and that is the nature law where predator is extreme than prey. Somehow, it does not applicable in the real political world where prey are always feel discriminated though they are not ingest by the predator.

What is the new resolution of the Selakau in Lundu province on the next government? As far as I know there are well marginalize under SPDP. Well, maybe not because I did not do any study regarding on that area. Somehow, I know that there is less to develop since Gunung Gading is a reserved rainforest and not to be spoiled by quarry activity by CMS. There are oil palm estates to cater it surrounding job but how much they earn is yet to be known.

The most important thing is how the aborigines evaluate themselves under decades of marginalization and exploitation. I may be seditious to write this statement but it is the fact that the aborigines have been totally marginalized by the regimes troops. There are still pending issue to be settled but it has no end since their leaders are powerless and apprehensive to raise such issue in the parliament or coffee shops. None of the BN candidate dares to speak about NCR land issue thought they have a very clear access to it solution. Opposition couldn’t do much as they are always marked as poor party and trouble maker. On my last meeting with my cousin, I asked him to remove PBB and BN sticker from his car windscreen since there is power transition soon. There is no use to support such party if we are still living under poverty and marginalization, I said to him. He told me that he is in dilemma since both political entities (opposition and government) could not make him happy.

There are several attempts to save the lost aborigines from being marginalized. DBNA was then been formed to work out the Bidayuh issue. SDNU was registered to be the ultimate answer to the Dayak uncertainties. All collapse due to no support from their dayak as their mentality could not be changed. It might cause by “frustration” or “anger” as their question could not be answered by both political party and independent organization. DBNA has lack of support as it is working close with political party which is not inline with its mission and vision to unite the Bidayuh as hole. The education program is now dimming due to lack of fund to run seminar and talk to transform the Bidayuh mentality.

Who made the Dayak to be the third class society? Politic or themselves? I do not have any good answer since I am not an activist or politician. Indeed, they are sidelines because they like to be sideline. They will blindly vote for those they like and not believe and at the end of it they have to accept that they are not presented in the government. The riddle continue to be unanswered as they fell better with their living and achievement but never feel that they are marginalized. Will God save them? Ask God night and days and doing nothing about it. See if miracle comes then.
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