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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Save The Penan – Whose Mission?

Bruno Manser has been marked as Enemy of the State by Tun Mahathir during his era. He landed his glider on Taib’s compound brought together with him was a white sheep as the symbol of peace and friendship. He has been hunted by the soldiers and police but somehow managed to jump out of the land rover truck. He stayed in the jungle for years and leading several blockages of illegal logging by Taib and his fellow friend. In fact, he able to stop timber import from Borneo to his country home (Switzerland) as he have seen timber killed the aborigines’ habitat and social life. There was peace hunger protest in front of Suisse Bank for weeks to stop timber business with Borneo.

Why Should they care since the government discriminate the Penan?

Ever since his lost at Long Kerong, the Penan is exploited once again by the Sarawak government. Maybe they are just a small entity in the Sarawak community population. As such, they are always become the victim of logging and plantation companies. Kelesau has been killed by “ghost” on his way to track back his trap. Since then the Penan are living in a great fear and nobody seems to care. Taib accused the Star Press and Bruno Manser Foundation for publishing the Penan girl raped case and sexual abused by the logging company worker. Only then SUHAKAM blow its trumpet and so to the Woman’s organization to react with this crucial issue which is too late to take action.
Who Killed Kelesau?

Taib is always greater than anything and will only listen to the good news. That is how the Sarawakians know him, dictator. He can use the law to defend himself though he should act as those who are living under the law. His logging concession with a Japanese company has made silent by the government and ACA.

The Penan is now living under threat or maybe someday Penan will extinct as the Red Indian in Canada and northern United State under the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Will Penan be in the same situation in the future? Why only foreign organizations seem to care? Nevertheless, they receive many threats even have to sacrifice their life for the sake of humanity.

The Penan student’s (girls) are now have to think twice to go to school as there are hungry sex addict in the forest. Not their tribe but outsiders. This is the most shameful news of the century as the government always denies their right and struggles as their arrogant is always be the trade mark of governance. The Penan will end up with discrimination if the State Government does not look at it seriously. Neiter the government nor independent body or political party could ever sort out the old issue of the Penan. What Malaysiakini has done was always before the Bruno Manser Faundation report. As a result, there is no any initiative taken by political parties (commonly opposition) to resolve this issue as it bring no benefit to them. They talked about it a while to point-out the government’s threat to the Penan but then silent when there is another big bang issue such as ISA, Racial and Religious tolerance and NEP.

Penan issue can be a good political agenda if there is track of records improving the Penan welfare. There is an association but I do not know if Jacob Sagan has put the Penan in the agenda or else it is juat for Kelabit and and Kayan or Orang Ulu. Maybe it is not wise to highlight a very single issue to gain political fame as what Taib has said but seem that Penan issues are always unresolved, why don’t we settle it down before it get getting worse?

I gave my son’s name Elijah Manser to honor Bruno Manser fight to save Penan from extinction. He was born on 29th June 2008 and now doing well and healthy. I hope that he will ask me why I named him Manser one day or at least asking himself who is Manser. I have not seen anyone who are boldly fight but yet dishonored to help anyone he really do not know and understand. I hope Elijah will fight for his people one day as what Bruno has done. It the sense of humanity that made Bruno Manser different than Ronald Reagen, Winston Churchil, Lenin or Mohandas Ghandi and I really believe in that one.

As to the Penan, the world is always unjust but there is one thing that always strengthens you all. You are not beggar and do no evil to anyone. You live in humbleness and gentleness which no one could understand. Justice will prevail soon and you will gain victory in the midst of struggle, discrimination and war against brutality of the government you trusted. God bless your fight and determination.
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