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Monday, October 13, 2008

Johnny Come Lately

NS-Towards Patriotic Citizen

It was good to hear that Dato’ Dr. Tiki Lafie has been appointed as National Service Chairman as he lost his chair in the house of the parliament. Well, that is good for him but how about his clan? He is now being another nationalist to introduce patriotic citizens to lead the nation in the future. He deserved it actually rather than no post in the government. Dr. Koh Tsu Koon does not deserve any senator post from Pak Lah when asked. The best he can do is to revive GERAKAN after political tsunami aftermath when GEARAKAN lost badly.

What is Pak Lah’s motive in appointing Tiki for such post as Sarawak contributed a lot to Barisan Nasional. Perhaps, this may be his last mercy before his power transition next year. At least, there is Bidayuh in at the corner of Barisan Nasional’s political game; being a ball collector is better than a player on the reserve bench. As such, Tiki has to accept this offer since SPDP need to be highlighted in the eyes of the Aborigines although such post is inadequate compare to the Bidayuh support to Barisan Nasioanl.

Sometime, politic is sour as lies and disagreement have to be entertained in the name of democracy. The aborigines are always being the last alternative when Barisan Nasional turned rotten. Should a weak leader line-up or form a weak team to lead the country? Let see, Muhammad Mahmud Taib was appointed though he was caught with currency scandal oversea. There are plenty leaders from Sarawak and Sabah to take care of the government and I think their loyalty to Barisan Nasional (not Pak Lah) is immeasurable. Then, there came an issue from Sabah where some of the UMNO members were offered assistant minister post rather than full minister. Are they incapable?

The appointment of Tiki Lafie as chairman of NS should be rejected as he was an assistant minister before. He should be appointed as Senator or better than that. But, who am I to figure this since I am not a Bidayuh paramount leader? Hence, who am I to decide who is doing this and that to make the globe spinning better. Let see if Tiki can handle NS to the utmost to produce patriotic citizen when the aborigines are fighting among themselves on many issues. Well, leave it to “NGOs” to handle the issue since they are better than government.

I do not know what is the Bidayuh’s opinion and point-of-view on his appointment. But for me, let Lee Lam Thye be the hero since Malaysia is dominated by the Malay, Chinese and India and not the aborigines. We are thought to accept that there are only three race highlighted in the national agenda. Bumiputera, the Malaya and non- bumiputera, Chinese and India.

Let the new kid in town make it happening from now as National Service is just a waste-of-money where in the end we produced “mat rempit, drug pusher, porn smuggler and murderer. Maybe Dr. Tikie can make it better since he is not in the third group of the national community. Who knows?
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