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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off Topic

Political, Religion & Racial Tolerance.

The next episode of the new government is yet to evaluate as Pak Lah will be out of the national box of political battlefield. Leaving Najib to navigate the sinking ship to get to another side of “cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang” nation seems to be impossible. The crews are weary and tired with perfect storm of global economic breakdown and politic tension as Pakatan Rakyat is now making their strategy to from 2/3 majority. Will there wanna be another trip to Mongolia to learn Poultry and Dairy by Najib team in Mac 2009?

Most of the countries in Asian continent are facing the same trouble whenever the new government is about to form. Samak has resigned last week due to riot of the Thais as motion of no-confidence was not accepted by him. Japan minister stepped down due to his ineffectiveness. Musharaf has been toppled down by PPP, Asif Ali as his ‘era of dictatorsip” fail to resolve the worst terrorism though he is working well with Bush on War against Terrorist. Thailand and Pakistan are the two countries that always being change by the people and not the leaders. At the end the next leader have always inherit the worst and could not find a solution to stabilize their country politic and economy.

Will Pak Lah inherits the same portion of “problem and happiness” to Najib after these 5 month of time? What charisma does Najib has to navigate the nation as Pak Lah has failed to lead the team, Barisan Nasioanl shield of arrogance has made the country suffering of racial tense, religion conflict (Azan and Teresa Kok) and politic imbalance (weak team of Pak Lah). The altitude of “ignore the annoying” issue such as rising unemployment rate and inflation by Pak Lah has made his political story become dull. It is something like a calm lake but there is strong current beneath.

Pak Lah has ignored human right and failed to revive the government from bad lost on March 8th. UNMO members are now being wild like a lion out of the zoo. He could not tame the attitude of his UMNO members where sensitive issues are freely discussed and published in the media. UMNO sparked so many sensitive issues but somehow none of them “admitted” to Sungai Buloh as Pak Lah is now “Sazali’s” father. Three years suspended for Ahmad is not the answer to the Chinese and Indian as Malaysia was form by these three clans. HINDRAF was not entertained but now UMNO is contributing RM 30m to “legalized’ defamation in the national media. Nobody wants to persecute the Islam or the Malay. The thing is that they must discipline themselves as what Prophet Muhammad taught them to do so.

Today’s The Borneo Post press highlighted Taib’s intimidation to shut the annoying politicians as politic should learned by itself. We patterned his political journey with greed and arrogant which no one could question. Sarawak is said developing and no one should question how BN threat the people of Sarawak regardless race and religion. The media must be used fully to air intimidation as Taib has his right to obstruct freedom of press and speech. No one should talk freely about the state government weakness as PBB is doing well to uphold harmony and justice in the state. We are yet to see something different after his depart from politic. When? I do not know and let wait and see if SCORE is a true dream to be build within 5 months.
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