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Friday, August 29, 2008

When the Rooster Crows - X

Sarawak- Negeri Bumi Katak

Hornbills yes; not frogs: Masing
The Borneo Post Press, Friday (29th August 2008)

KUCHING: Sarawak is the land of the hornbills; not the land of frogs.

This was what Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing had to say to Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the latter’s claim that the opposition leader would form the Pakatan Rakyat government by Sept 16.

Nonetheless, Masing said, Anwar was entitled to his own opinion, but he (Masing) strongly felt that the newly elected Permatang Pauh MP’s quest to attract MPs from East Malaysia was nothing more than a dream.

“I think dreaming is not a privilege for only those who are asleep. Dreaming can also be for those wide awake,” he told reporters after opening a management talk at a hotel here yesterday.

He said while the voters’ wish in the Permatang Pauh by-election should be respected, Anwar too, should also respect the voters’ decision to have Barisan National as the ruling government during the March 8 election.


It’s time for the Sarawakians to review their participation in Barisan Nansional under the greatest order of UMNO. Since 45 years under Malaya governance, Sarawak is yet to adopt Malaya style of governance which is full with discrimination and corruption. The Dayak were marginalized under NEP which since The Dayak Political leaders were sacked from their office. We have seen serial downfalls of the Dayak political game under Barisan Nasional.

SNAP leader’ Stephen Kalong Ningkan was whacked due to his strong alliance with the Chinese. He was a great leader but somehow, he is not needed to lead the Dayak because he is not Malay. Then, Rahman Yakub came to lead the Sarawakian under UMNO order. The Dayak. At that time, the Dayak are required to convert to Muslim in order to be developed. There are some people said that Rahman wished to be a Sultan of Sarawak in stead of Chief Minister.

What do we get from Malaya so far? Sarawak is the largest state with much kind of resources. We are rich of timber and oil but yet we are the third poorest state. The Dayak are divided into many sort of political parties instead of one party. PBDS stood for two weeks and collapsed by the Ming Court clown show. Who should we blame then? Tun Mahathir should has a good answer for this issue because he was the BN boss at that time. Maybe, PBDS has been a great terror for PBB and Taib bought many frogs from that party.

The Dayak has no agenda to be united but to divide themselves into SUPP, PBB, PRS, SPDP, STAR, SNAP, PKR, PAS and Pasok. The cause is firm. Poverty!! The political leaders are form long houses, small kampung and never resist seeing RM 2.00 under the table. Ever since, they consumed tapioca, smoked cat fish, preserved pork and fish and durian paste. When they come to town, they forget of their people in the village. You can see what I wrote in “NEP and The Hardcore Poor”. Therefore, they can contest for opposition party or independent and then put their price tag for bidding.

The Land of Hornbill has to change their mentality. 51 years should be enough to bow down to UMNO. It is time to bargain with Pehin Seri, Dato Seri and many Seri’s that can listen to our grieves. All this while, politic has only beneficial for UMNO, Taib and his cronies. It is time to review the 20-points of memorandum, Native Customary Right and so forth. If Pakatan Rakyat can bid bigger, why should we stay in poor and marginalized?

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