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Friday, August 1, 2008

British Colonial Vs Malay Colonial

Bad Bugs Never Get Tired!!

"Sarawak will much better under British colony rule, at least under the Queen's order just like autonomous rule Australia or New Zealand. We all assured to enjoy: Excellent education system, we speak real London English daily, efficient modern public administration, regional ASEAN investment and shipping hub, perhaps the last of crown jewel of the Queen, topnotch highways, international airports and public transport, Christianity is automatic religion by birth for all Dayaks,..." Anonymous comment on When The Rooster Crows

Thank you for this comment and it really sparked my mind this morning once I login to The Lost Aborigine blog.

What make Sarawak looks different from other states? Sarawak is the biggest state with plenty of resources especially oil and gas, timber and tourism. In fact, Sarawak has the world oldest rainforest which is recognized by UNESCO.

I think that Sarawak will be more developing if the state is still under British colonial. We must envy what British has done to Hong Kong, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Australia and New Zealand. Tun Mahathir once blamed the British colonial for sucking all the resources from Malaya to England and left a small portion to the Malayan themselves. He is right in this issue but has he ever realize how was the education and administration standard made by the British? Since we were agree with Raman Talib and Fen Wu and finally, Razak (1957) proposal on the Malaysian education, the education standard was reduced one level to another to proclaim our new low-standard education.

Anwar Ibrahim was then proposed Bahasa Melayu to be used as the medium language to build a great nation building under the greatest “Malayan Colonial”. The purposed of the new National Education Policy is to build an “identity” for the new generation of Malaya. Somehow, we never realized that the “identity” that we build was imbalance in term of social and cultural adaptation. For example, we must learn Bahasa Melayu and change the entire syllabus into Bahasa Malaysia language including Science and Mathematic. As a result, many of those who “need” a high standard education level went to England, United State and Australia to get degree or Masters Degree due to global job market demand. We cannot bring our University Malaysia Sarawak certificate with CGPA 4.00 to Middle East if we are not able to talk and write in English. Unless, your job is cleaning camel's dung.

As a summary, our education institution was engineered by the worst to produce the worst. Now, we are working very hard (including Minister of Education himself) to restored back English language into Science subjects and Mathematic. It is something like, throwing a piece of diamond and digging a big hole to mine glass.

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Let get back to what is my real topic today for the aborigine:

1. The aborigines are engineered by NEP which benefited only one Bumiputera (Malay) though they (the aborigines) are entitled “Bumiputera”.

2. Taib Mahmud said in the Borneo Post press tat NEP is not a handout but it is a government policy to help those “Malay” who are left behind.

3. NEP must be sustained to help the Malay to get better living compare to the Chinese and Indian, Kadazan and Iban, Murut and Bidayuh.

The undeveloped rural Industry. What is the best economic policy for the Bidayuh?

The soil sluggers are remaining as sluggers since I was a pupa and the sluggers will never end. The Bidayuh has no right under NEP though it is said to be and aid for them as “entitled” Bumiputera. Tough there might be development within the area of the Bidayuh, there must be term and condition to be obeyed. For example, the FELCRA and SALCRA project requires them to get convert. The endorsed Bengoh Dam project will never be a fair threat to those affected villagers since Manyin has changed job. It might be the same situation to fate of one of a village in Johore shown in TV last night. Yes, we are not chicken or dog where the government can chase us as their wish.

The new road to Padawan was build due to Borneo Highland Resort project which never bring any benefit to those surrounding areas. They lost their farms and orchard for less compensation or none at all. So who are the culprits behind this project?

The Bidayuh as no place in the government sector since NEP is entitled to help “another” bumiputera. Yes, we can make the State sectary as a very good example, but how about those jobless bidayuh graduates? Is there any aid for young Bidayuh entrepreneurs to start a Roti Canai stall?

We are sick of intimidation and marginalization made by the new colonial and if there is no political tsunami in Sarawak, there will be at least“mourning” rain which is much better than dry season.

I believe that British colonial is much better to develop Sarawak tough we have to share our resources with them but not with bandits and pirates.

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