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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Permatang Pauh and The "Sodom" City.

What will happen in Permatang Pauh is that there will be more “sodomize” case and more oughts to be heard in the mousques. Anwar Ibrahim will sodomize as many men as he can to make sure that the BN MPs will give him vote of no confident in the parliament soon.

The people of permatag Pauh have choosed a wrong candidate. They should give full support to UMNO and BN. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s leadership must be appraciated and to do so the people of permatang pauh must vote for BN.

This is another political typhoon that swept Permatang Pauh. The wind of “sodom” has blown up all the oaths to pull Anwar Ibrahim onto the lowest ground. Maybe Anwar is now happy with the support of people of Permatang Pauh but what is BN doing to gun dim down? After this, Anwar Ibrahim will be accused for bribing Election Commision to make him a winner.

The democracy is now much more understood by the people and not the political leaders. the way mainstream media were used by the government showed that there is no democracy education for the people. Barisan Nasional must urge Pak Lah to resign as the Prime Minister and re-structure his cabinet line.

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