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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh and The TVs.

My comment on the going on Permatang Pauh small election is that it’s might be another “little tsunami” for Barisan Nasional under Pak Lah. There were many strategies used by both group especially sodomize case of Anuar Ibrahim and Altantuya murder case which was said linked with Najib. Two good game but merely not applicable at this moment of time as democracy has nothing to do with mind exploitations by the media. The campaign to be more for Barisan Nasional as the “National Pimp” as in TVs, Radio and Newspaper.

Will it be the another victory or shame for UMNO?

Saiful, Anuar victim, has given his oath in the name of Allah to accuse Anuar Ibrahim. While, Najib swore in the same name telling that he does not know the beautiful lady. Now, it seems to me that there are many strategies to bring Anwar down including bring him into the jail.

The Barisan Nasional should use media not to manipulate the people but to persuade the people to support their candidate. By doing so, we are not conned by false information by the mainstream media. The government must use media as their advantage and not to poison the mind of the people by telling “truth” out of the truth. How do we know Najib does not have any connection with Altantuya murder case since C4 is a prohibited explosive? How do we know that Saiful is sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim since there is no piece of evident? Will it be the DNA that can be found in Saiful’s anus or the damage of his anus that might be itchy and he scrubbed it?

At first, we saw a terrible or horrible debate between elephant and cow to broadcast the sins of Anwar Ibrahim but at the same time the information minister never realize that he was naked on the stage. What was happened between Koh Tsu Koon and Guan Eng? I do not have any interest to watch since it was a childish act of the Barisan Nasional. There are many things that government can say to gain support from the people of Permatang Pauh such as reducing the corruption rate, freedom of religion, NEP and so forth. Since, Lim Kit Siang said the same issue in the parliament, why don’t BN try to clear those said things to convince the people.

The TVs should broadcast more on our National Day advertisement since it benefits all the people instead of talking a lot about Permatang Pauh. We forgot 31st August and will remember 26th August as the most shameful day of the nation.

To me, the strategy must be strengthening to wind the people and not to create hatred of the people. Albar must play his role to ensure the community piece and freedom.

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