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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minority Report

NEP and The Hard Core Poor

It has been many days I left The Lost Aborigine due to workload as a lecturer. The midterm was going on with less time to write. It made me to loose a little bit of my enthusiasm as I used to be before. Time is really tight indeed. You never expect to be in an easy environment if you choose to be in education line.

I have been granted to rent my colleague’s canon digital camera since I do not have one. Last Sunday, my brother-in-law and I went to Simuti to visit my fellow family members and friend. I brought with me the rented digital camera to shot some good picture at Dato Dr. James Dawos’s constituency. It was a great trip up there with my roaring EX5 motorbike. I hope to go to Kampung Kiding with 2 hours hiking up to the mountain top and see how the life of those aborigines.

Heaven in the Hell

It is obvious that the aborigines are marginalized economically though they are living under the world developing country under Barisan Nasional governance. First, the villagers (Sadir, Simuti, Sibuang and Siabakar) had their 24 hours electricity supply in 1994. Though it was a BN turkey project, the villagers are told to pull about three rolls of cable for 10 kilometers on “gotong-royong basis”. Next, they have to carry the cable post in order to lift-up the cable. It took them almost 1 year to complete the project.

The gravel road was built by a logging company in 1995-2003 with JKR annual maintenance. At least, the villagers do not have to walk on foot to get their food supply at Annah Rais or Kota Padawan. Somehow, the road is dangerous where you might fall into a ravine. There is no reason to develop those villages because they will not able to contribute to the state economy since there is more big three to be cut down.

Road to Eden

As I looked at the houses, I feel there must be something to be done to those villages. They are working a self-supply farmer and living under poverty or the best word is hardcore poverty. What is the best plan to be carried out by the Rural Development Ministry for those hardcore poor so that they can live as the others do? Some of the parents could not afford to send their children to school even though there are free text book and some may get school uniform aid from Yayasan Sarawak. They might struggle to feed the whole family and to buy stationeries for their children.

The Ultimate NEP's victim

SK St. Bernard Sadir combined four villages into one school. It is a boarding school with three meals a day and 5 days transit. I am glad to see some of the parents are diligent enough to support their kids by giving them moral support instead of monetary. There were a group of parents sending their kids to boarding school on that Sunday afternoon.

The economic struggle has been the worst fight for the aborigines since independent. I believe that the government has no intention to develop those areas though they are Bumiputera status. Therefore, if NEP is applicable for Bumiputera, should we (the aborigine) have to be happy with it? Do we have to happy with those ‘right” and “privilege” which we never get it at all?

The Future of the "bumiputera"

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