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Monday, August 25, 2008

It’s Not a Good Sound Sir,

Developing S’wak without losing our voice: Taib

KUCHING: The following is the last of three historic speeches extracted from the official Sarawak 45th anniversary souvenir book, ‘Perayaan 45 tahun Sarawak maju dalam Malaysia, 1963 – 2008’.

The speech was delivered by Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who was then Minister for Communications and Works, in seconding a Council Negri motion in 1963.

It was as follows:

“Mr Speaker, Sir, the subject matter that is contained in the motion before this House is undoubtedly a national one.

In fact, there were honourable members who referred to themselves as nationalists when arguing on the motion today. Such an approach to this motion is very commendable in that it shows that most of us here have some love for Sarawak.

I for one prefer such an approach because I love Sarawak as much as those others who are concerned with the question of Malaysia.

This motion is raised in such a way that it may tempt us to think along the narrow line of supporting Malaysia or opposing it. I would like, in arguing before this House, to rephrase the meaning of this motion in such a way that every nationalist should support it.

The implication of this motion can be summarised thus: Have we got the desire as Sarawakians to bestow all our love on Sarawak? Now, if we have this desire, have we got the ambition to build a free Sarawak? And if we have that, have we got also the desire to preserve that freedom by showing the courage to defend our country, while at the same time to pour most of our resources on economic development? If we have those comprehensive desires, let us at once realise that those desires are very expensive ones when undertaken together.



Musa Aman and Taib is two good friends which think about what is the best for “themselves” in stead of their state struggles under Malaya governance or better to say under Pak Lah supervision. I saw Musa Aman at Permatang pauh saying that Anwar Ibrahim will never get his people on the line (crossover) due to his “morality” issue. Well, it’s sad to say that Musa Aman has never been a good partner to SAPP and PBS. In facts, Musa Aman should step down from CM position because his term in invalid. What is the point to support UMNO if the Sabahan in under struggle and marginalization. He has no intention to unite the Sabahan but to dig as much as he can to get rich from timber and plantation. He could not answer the IC project issue and illegal immigrantd that flooded Sabah for centuries. There is no different between Tun Mustapha, Haris Saleh and Musa Aman. They are the destroyer of the Sabahan unity and race freedom. The support fully project IC launched by UMNO to gain more support from illegal immigrants from Philippine and Indonesia.

Taib, the eldest politician should think what is the best for the Sarawakian instead of beig “puppetize” by UMNO. I was shock to hear that there is a UMNO branch in Kuching. It true!! One of my friends is a Puteri UMNO member. As far as I know there is no any UMNO in Sarawak unless it is another alternative when uncle Taib die and Sulaiman could not stand for his father. So, it seems to me that Sarawak will follow Sabah’s foot print soon. Auction will start soon with a lot of money from UMNO.

Taib must realize that Sarawak in a very poor state and his part is to develop the state well by stopping CMS to be the main contractor and asking Global Upline to be the “sub-contractor” of every state’s development project. Look at 20- points of memorandum where Sarawak has been raped lustily by the Malaya. In fact, there are many issue need to be settle before we talk about adopting sovereignty from Malaya which never benefited Sabah and Sarawak so far. Yes, we cannot afford for defense, but we must put Sarawak and Sabah in win-win situation especially on the timber and oil loyalty. I do think that British way of colonialism is far better than how the Malaya colonized us. At least we can speak English fluently and have a British education standard, British technology and currency. We are colonized yet developing further than Malaya itself.

Taib will never be the saluted leader of the Sarawakian since he failed the Sarawakains for decades and reap greedily for his family and cronies.

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