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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Same Celebration with Different Feelings

Dear Tun Mahathir,

Re: Perpaduan Asas Kejayaan

" 5. Rakyat berbilang kaum tidak bermusuh sesama mereka walaupun tidaklah berharmoni seperti yang diharapkan. Namun tiap kali pilihanraya diadakan majoriti pengundi memberi kepercayaan kepada Kerajaan Barisan Nasional kerana beranggapan segala-gala yang dinikmati adalah hasil pemerintahan Kerajaan-Kerajaan BN. Biasanya mereka memberi kemenangan lebih 2/3 daripada kerusi Parlimen.

6. Rakyat Malaysia yang pergi ke negara asing berasa bangga kerana Malaysia dikagumi dan dihormati oleh siapa sahaja yang mereka bertemu apabila sahaja orang asing mengetahui yang mereka dari Malaysia. "

The Lost Aborigine


I do feel what Tun Mahathir feels right now as what he wrote in his blog. This morning I heard the theme song of our Merdeka (independence) day where it said there is harmony within the races and unity is the foundation of success. I think again what the song is all about. What is the foundation of national success with its multi-racial and multi-religion citizen?

The political tsunami spoke to us that the unity to fight from corruption is a genuine grief of the people. We have seen several rallies (called illegal assembly) last few quarters happening in Peninsular. What a peaceful time? The people as never feel their “independency” from the work of discrimination, corruption made by the present government. Police is used not to uphold security but to protect those from law and judgement. The police are used by individual to murder, exploit and destroy the freedom of the people. Altantuya was murdered by the police to cover the person personal affair.

For security or for UMNO?

Before the election, we were terrified by the Hindraf Rally which show us the awaken Indian against their marginalization in Barisan Nasional. Before, the lawyers marched on the street regarding on the Lingam Tape issue. There are many to say about them all but let me write what do I feel in this month of August.

The patriotism spirit is now fades in the heart of Malaysian people. I don't know how is the merdeka spirit in Kuala Lumpur at this moment because in Kuching I have not seen any national flag erected either at schools, offices and on the cars roof. I miss those time when I was in secondary school where we started celebrate “Merdeka” on the first day of August until 31st day. During at that time, we have debate, patriotic song competition, poets and so forth. On the Merdeka day, there were sports, party and some sort of activities like historical exhibition. Car crawled with flags, not two but all around the roof. In Labuan, some of the village like Kampung Sungai Lada and Sungai Labu have parade and Jalur Gemilang competition. You can see every houses erect two flags at their compound, National flag and Federal territory flag. It was really great feeling at that time. I remember when we cried of proud when we sing “Negaraku” at that long time. We were thought to be patriotism as how the soldiers are thought to defence the county.

Before: We celebrated merdeka in Stadium This Year: We celebrate Merdeka on the street.

Now, the people are questioning the sovereignty of the country. People are free to protest on the street and to form riot including the university students. Some are living in fear due to hiking criminal rate. Children are no more free to play in the playground and schools. Mr. Jazlin will never feel independence from the ghost that feared his family. Mr. Saaribu will never say that Malaysia is a good country as it used to be like before. Indonesia will never trust Maybank scandals which brought a great shame to the national business.

What ave we done to this lady as a Sovereign Country? Can Rais Yatim clear this tense?

People will remember these days as the darkest day of the country. People will celebrate Merdeka on the street this year with tear gas and water canon. We will sing a new version and tune of Negaraku, some sing it as the song of disunity, discrimination, corruption and injustice.

Let sing "Smoke Underwater!!!"

Shall we blame Prime Minister on this matter? Well, it is up to us to measure the length of our patriotism for this beloved Malaysia. We allow terrorist to rule us and that is why we blown someone who “threatened” us. We sacked someone who is telling truth with no mercy and humanity. We “sodomise” those who say out our wrong doing and acts. We scattered those who stay in their motherland to benefit those individuals.

To the Malaysians, this is our country and we are responsible for it. The fall and the victory of the country are much determine by us, the citizen. We have loved this country by obeying every single of laws to ensure it sovereignty and peace. We do not want to see Malaysia to be like Angola and Rwanda where brothers fight against themselves. Indonesia racist tense has been a great lesson to us that Muslim and non-Muslim shall never spark any kind of issue to make war.

Happy Merdeka and God Bless Malaysia.

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