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Monday, August 18, 2008

When The Rooster Crows - IX

45th Independence Day – Shall we happy of it??

Yesterday, we were praying for our beloved nation, Malaysia as we are now 51 years old in indepencent governance. We sang this song too:

“Now is the time

For you to visit Malaysia

Speak Your mercy…”


“Sekaranglah waktunya,

Kau lawat Malaysia

Nyatakan belas kasihMu Tuhan….”

As we pray, the pastor brinngs us to pray for the peace and freedom of the nation, the leadership and the ruling government. Though we are a very small congregation in Serian Good News Fellowship church, we pray for our nation every week. There was an evangelist from New Zealand preached yesterday. She stated that we must pray for our nation because it is our responsibility to bless our nation in prayer.

It’s the 51st independent anniversary for Tanah Melayu and the 45th for Sarawak. I am glad to be in such a harmony and peaceful country, Malaysia. It’s my 26th years to be in an independent country that has been mould by the greatest leaders and fellow ministers. As a small boy in my village, I feel very happy to see such a developing country with twin tower, F1-circuit, big airport, Proton Saga and Perodua Nautica and so much more. I believe that the hard works of our government has now producing fruits. Thank you to the leaders and ministers who worked days and night to ensure that we are developing well and balance.

Somehow, there is some lack that should never neglect which is the welfare of the aborigines despite Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh, Murut, Dusun, Kelabit, Kenyah and other tribes. These are the struggling tribe under the governance of the Malay, Chinese and Indian. Though there are quite much kind of policies to ensure that those aborigines are well preserved, we are still living under uncertainties and marginalization. We have NCR land but we could not develop them due to some issue concerning to the government policies. We have opened our land to SALCRA and FELCRA to plant oil palm on it, but now there are occupied with Indonesian workers. In Sabah, you might find Bajau and Philippines or Timorese in the oil palm estate.

Great Lost under NCR Policy

Last Saturday, on my return from college to home I saw a convoy of flag bearers with big bikes. It was fun to see them on the road with the flag they bear. How I wish to be in that convoy with my old noisy Honda EX5 motorbike in the midst of the Virago and Harley Davidson big bikes. In my heart, I persuaded my regret by waving to them as one by one of the riders passing by. I could not horn my bike since the horn system is faulty due to flatted battery.

Great Nation with Great Discrimination

What is theses nation in the heart of the Aborigines? We see independent day celebration on TV with great speech and firework show. Leaders spent million at Puterajaya and somewhere else to celebrate Malaysia Day and the next morning we have to toil all over again to get some food for the kids and folks. We raise national flag but never understand the meaning of independent. Truly, we had never affected by the British, Japanese, communists occupation because we are not the subject of profit to them. We still have relative in Kalimantan and never encounter confrontation from “Bapa” Sukaerno. Therefore, we had gain independent during the era of our forefather. We were free to hunt, fish, planting paddy with no intimidation. The only thing is that we have to send our kid to school which is 20 kilometers away or more (Teng Bukap and Dragon School). Father Reverend Howes came all over from Britian to teach grammar and adopted many aborigines to be sent to England to have proper education. We lost him as our “Bruno Manser” and we never have anyone like him though we have our own MP who representing us.

Does Robet Anak Wai independent from Poverty?

Shall we declare Independence at our hut while the others are playing golf on that very holiday? There are many golf courses on our forefather’s mountain but never get chance to play once. We are toiling to the hardest while some are playing golf up there. Will this Merdeka Day be the most emotional moment to us when we see our children could not spell and write? We saw helicopter on once in a four years to collect vote but the MP has never come for 8 years of in charge. That is marvelous to us. Pak Lah was in Hilton on that Day and made his way to Bandar Mutiara “before this it is called Tebedu” but he chopper flew very high and he could not see the huts of the aborigines.

"I have been in this hut for many years and I am comfortable with it. "

Merdeka,!! Merdeka!!, Merdeka!! That is the great loud of the nation on the next week event. Its always merdeka (independence) though, but we never live in such independence under Barisan Nasional.

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