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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dawn in Permatang Pauh

Collective Program with “Minister”.

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a program at TV1008 studio to discuss on the Permatang Pauh post election. Here are the interview details:

Host : Good evening “Dato Seri”. How are you doing?

“Dato Seri” : I have two feeling right now. One, I am happy because we are going to celebrate out 51st Independent Anniversary on this coming Sunday and what depressed me is that BN has lost Permatang Pauh.

Host : What do you think of Permatang Pauh election?

“Dato Seri” :
Well, it shows that Election Commission is always transparent and fair to every political party regardless National Front or Pakatan Rakyat. Anwar Ibraim should lose this constituency but somehow we have to bear the fact that people of Permatang Pauh never appreciate RM 0.20 oil price reduced by Barisan Nasional. I believe that sodomise case and some kind of oaths seem to be ineffective to fish vote.

Host :
“Dato Seri”, I believe that Barisan Nasional should put Koh Tsu Koon or Samy Vellu to contest at Permatang Pauh, instead of putting Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah who is very new. What do you think?

“Dato Seri” :
Nobody should face Anwar Ibrahim. You see, we sent Sabery Chik to debate with him on that day. And he spoke very well. What if we send someone “better”? Definetely we will get ashame. The same case with Permatang Pauh too. If we send Koh Tsu Koon and he lost, then GERAKAN will get shame and at the same time BN will ashame too. Samy Vellu?? Nop! There will be more crack flyovers if he wins the parliamentary. Therefore, we play joke with Anwar Ibrahim as what we did in 1999. Isn’t that funny?

Host : There were an attempt to give you vote of no confident from SAPP due to Barisan Nasional negletience on Sabah. I might believe that the Sarawakian do “feel” something wiered yesterday. Can you please comment?

“Dato Seri” :
Yong Teck Lee is a nut. That is my comment. We have been independent for 51 years and Sabah is developing well. We cleaned Kota Kinabalu from illegal immigrant; we brought UMNO to ensure the Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus and other races to reveive the same portion of wealth from the state resources. There is nothing that the Sabahan should complain. They should thank the 5% oil and timber revenue from the federal government. Musa Aman is the UMNO leader in Sabah and he told me that the Sabahans have no problem with UMNO. PBS and UPKO are the two best friends in BN and we take care all of the Sabahan. For Sarawak case, I was convinced very much with Pehin Seri’s speech during the Sarawak 45th Years Grow in Malaysia function in Kuching. Though SPDP and PRS are about to merge to form a “strong” multi-racial party, we still have PBB as our stronghold in Land of Hornbil. I do not have any doubt that the Sabahan and Sarawakian will query the Barisan Nasional performance.

Host :
Politic influence the economy performance. Do you agree?

“Dato Seri” :
It applicable sometime. On the 8th March our composite index crumpled due to Nargis Storm at Rangoon and earthquake at China. The global economic was affected by “cold” US market ad currency. Our economic has nothing to do with politic. In fact, we have several foreign investors such as Nikko and Halliburton. We will recover soon after this coming 2009 Budget Presentation.

Host :
What is the next step to strengthen Barisan Nasional then?

“Dato Seri” :
We have used moral issue to to be our propaganda and gave many oats to convince the people but it seems doesn’t work. DNA will be the best issue to give Anwar Ibrahim vote of no confident soon.

Host : Have you read The Malay Dilemma written by Tun mahathir? What do you think of that book?

“Dato Seri” : I have no comment. I have no time to read.

Host : Ladies and gentleman, thank for wahtching The Dawn in Permatang Pauh with our Minister. Thank you “Dato Seri” for spending your time with us.
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