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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Frog of Raining Season

Hopping Frogs Having Fun.

1. It is raining so badly and few places are hit by flood. The sky always dark with thick heavy clouds. Rain coming down continuously and the number of relief center arising.

2. For some believers, rain bring good luck and good sign of fortune. It wash the soil so that plants are watered well. Water fertile the soil by diluted chemical and matter for plants. Some other belief considered rain as bad fortune and calamity. People might get drifted by strong current, land slides, lost of properties and flood.

3. Raining season also a good time for frogs to breed and play. Frogs like wet compounds. When the ground get dry and hot, frogs often go out for food and play as the environment is not suitable for them. Predators might crawling around and catch them.

4. These few days, frogs do not have to call for rain. They are blessed by plenty of rain and they are free to go out to breed. Their ponds are flooded and they are moving around for insects. They don't have to hop with full energy ad the water-lily are plenty and its leaves are closed by. Where there is a safe landing and delicious insects, the frogs will get there. Hopefully, the frogs will not catch and devour dangerous and poisonous insects.
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