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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sarawak Under the Dark Ages

State of Denial

1. Sarawak has been ruled by a dictator regime for 30 years and the state has a tremendous struggle to live on the lavish and abundant land. The people lives under poverty line while the natural resources is declining. The dictator rules with his iron fist and untouchable. Perhaps he is greater than Saddam Hussien, Ghadaffi and Mugabe.

2. He manipulates all the state resources and acquires all the state land and convert them into his personal wealth. He is the most wealthy politician in the world with billion dollar worth of assets oversea. His family live a wealthy life while the people of Sarawak have to beg for meal and scavenging at the dump-sites.

3. The Sarawakians are grieving but their griefs are denied by their representatives. Thousands of Sarawakian working oversea for better pay. In Sarawak, the minimum wages is about RM500.00 while the price of goods and necessity is rising daily. The dictators accused the Sarawakian for being stupid and that made him the richest man on earth.

4. What make Taib the great dictator? Not by the amount of money he has nor how much strong is his mafia. It's because the ignorance of the people of Sarawak. They are comforted by their long suffering and struggle. The Sarawakians made him strong and powerful by continuing to vote for corrupted government.

5. Taib is a smart dictator indeed. To him,  developing a state is to bring trouble to himself. If the state government improve the people basic needs, (education and health care) , the people might get smart and ousted him before his 30 years reign of power. He maintain the old-folks in his state legislative to maintain loyalty. Those who could not follow his instruction will be sacked. He divided the aborigines into fractions so that he can rule over the minority. That is why the Dayak are everywhere in every political party in Malaysia.

6. Does it hard to be as smart as Taib? As Socrates has said; There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.". Knowledge is greater than other things. When a person has a knowledge he can do things right. But if a person is an ignorance, he will be bullied and ruled for lives. Sarawak has a lot of smart people. The smart Dayak stay and the smart non-dayak migrated. The smart Dayak join politic and live under the dictatorship and left the people to survive by themselves.

7. Who will end the dictatorship and brings enlightenment? God permit miracle if the people pray hard but to change a dictator is beyond prayer and sacrifice. A valiant dies for one course; freedom of the people and liberty. When there is a corrupted kingdoms there will be a valiant.

8.Sarawak has a fairy tale of a valiant. He is Rentap. Somehow, he is not a tyrant but a pirate. He fought for headhunter and not for liberty from colonials.He wanted to maintain the culture of killing and beheading which is contradicted to the Christian missionary value of life. Indeed there is no recorded valiant  in the history of Sarawak. Rosli Dobbie is just a needle inside the haystack.

9. There will be a tyrant if the Sarawakian shoose to stop the dictator. There will be no other than every single Sarawakian. The dictator is strong because the is the asset of the federal government and untouchable because he has money. Soon the time will come that an army of tyrant will rise and bring the dictator to the ground.  
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