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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The Hard Truth of AUKU. 

1.UPSI students were blame for organizing illegal assembly last week and the person who brought down the portrait of PM is now facing tremendous charges and humiliation.

2.The government (BN) has put total blame to opposition alliance and accused them for influencing the UPSI student to organize illegal assembly.

3.I believe that the group of student has applied for the gathering permit but as usual, the assembly bill was abolished. That’s mean, freedom of gathering is permitted.

4.It is well said that those student should negotiate with the government on AUKU issue and bring forward their idea and opinions on how AUKU should be used. As student, they must address their suggestion and opinions in intelligent manner. Then, there will be a win-win situation.

5.Is there freedom of speech in Malaysia?  Not for the intelligent but freedom of defamation by the idiots in the house of parliament and political party assembly. The voice of the intelligent are ignored because the intelligent speak about rule of law, social justice, nation building, religion and racial harmony. The government did not allow the intelligent idea and opinions because they might get caught in naked. The intelligent speaks about economic growth but the idiot’s only talk about subsidy, special rights, supremacy and racial dominance. 

6.The students are not allowed to participate in politics because they are ignorance and young.  They might disrupt chaos and stir up the peace and harmony in the country. In China, Tiananmen Square Tragedy 1989 happened not because of the laws that forbid the youngster to voice up their idea. It happened because there was a need for political liberation.  Somehow, it turned to massacre because the communist regime refused to open a door for negotiation.

7.AUKU was made not to let Tiananmen Massacre to happen in Malaysia but to maintain the political power of BN and UMNO. When the student get older, their focus will get divert to career and family. In that time, the intelligent remains but not their young spirits. When their spirit become slow, the government will take advantage on them. That is why we have Putera UMNO and Club Mat Rempit UMNO. 

8.By right, the students should be nurtured by truth and wisdom and not by the system that is outdated.  Yes, law and order is a must, but freedom must not be compromised as they are intelligent. They don't take bribe and misused their right as student. That's make them intelligent. As they are getting more intelligent, the government must behave so that the student can learn form a good example. Arguing a non-sense issue in parliament and humiliating other YB’s is not a good example of a leaders for the people. That will only show their level of intelligent and wisdom on the debated issue. Why talk ass-hole when there are proper words that can be used. Is that called intelligent?

9.We cannot stop liberation to happen. In fact, the whole peace of world is liberated every day. Last year, it started with Tunisia. It is proven that liberation is not illegal but a must to have good governance and established politic practices. If AUKU is a burden, abolished it. It will not affect the political power but it will liberate the country from tyranny, iron-fist, corruption and bad governance. Look at our GFI, it is not improving but worsen for 3 years continuously.  Is that the sign of how intelligent our government is? It is the sign of how cunning they are when it comes to spending the tax-payers money.
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