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Thursday, December 15, 2011

PPSMI - Die Before its Death

First Class Vision, Second Class Implementation, Third World Result-Abolish. 

1. PPSMI was introduced by Dr. Mahathir in 2003 to enable schools students to learn science and Mathematic in English Language. His vision was to increase the understanding of the Malaysian about science and mathematics that evolve.

2. Since its implementation there were many complaints and griefs made by a group of people and demanded the PPSMI to be abolished immediately. Some "literates" said that PPSMI is insane.

3. What is the problem of PPSMI? Least students achieve good result in Science and Mathematics subject because they do not understand English language. Some teachers found it hard to teach mathematics and science in English language.

4. I don't see PPSMI as a access baggage to teachers as they are well educated person. 5 years in Teachers College or University should be enough for them to master English language.  I learn English since primary one until my final year in university. This is a great result of KBSR-KBSM. In university, all the reference books about computer are written in English and I have to by a 1kg mass of Oxford Dictionary in order for me to understand the content of the reference book. We speaks Bahasa Malaysia in the lecture room and write thesis and assignment in English. It is impossible to write an algorithm and function in Bahasa Malaysia as they are computer language.

5. PPSMI is not a burden or threat to National Language. We learn history and literature in Bahasa Malaysia as the contents are constant. History, geography, Bahasa Malaysia and English are constant knowledge but Science and Mathematics are variable. As long as there invention, the knowledge of science changes. In order to master science we have to understand English language. All new technology information are written in English as it is an international language. In order to understand how a new jet engine operates, first we have to understand the operation manual.

6. Abolish PPSMI is something like cutting down a young coconut tree to get its wines instead of waiting for it to bear fruits for a refreshing juice and creamy milks. It takes time but worth to wait. The Malay loose before they fight for their generation. We have to learn and master English Language if the want to market our technology. To be an invention nation we have to understand science and technology and to understand that, we have to master English. The Chinese failed to produce a powerful explosive because they only used fire cracker to frightening ghost. The Arab never go to the moon because they only believe in movement of stars and moon in the sky. They never challenge their curiosity and invent something great and fly to the space. When English come tho China and Arab they translate the manuscripts so that they can understand the Chinese and Arab discovery. Then, they re-invent the simple discovery into technology. Now the English market their technology and in order to used their technology, we have to master their language.

7. The Malay always fear to face the transition especially when it comes to learning. They always refer to the other developed country like Japan and German where they don't use English language but  yet they produse a great technology. Well, Japan and Aryan civilization is older than Malaysia. We are only 54 years old. Malay never sail to the west countries to learn other people's discovery but the west explores the east since the Renaissance era. What is the purpose to conserve the national value which is already intact with our daily life and deny the precious knowledge that can improve our nation.

8. Vision 2020 will only a "vision" for Malaysia if the government fear to face the changing world. To be a high income country is to have a productive citizen. To have a productive citizen is nurture them to be smart competence.  Malaysia cannot be have a smart nation if the government refuse to adopt English Language in Science and Mathematics. An author of a great selling book cannot invent a great smart phone because the two subjects (book and phone) require different approach to create them.
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